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Boise Gyms | Amazing Advantages

Boise Gyms | Amazing Advantages

Money is Ruining Your Health More precisely the pursuit of money at all costs is ruining your health. This can be seen when business people chase the mighty dollar and end up chronically overstressed, overweight, and unhealthy and in big business where it’s common practice to pay for studies that prove unhealthy things healthy to move more product and organizations not funding studies or practices that don’t align with lining pockets with cash. In the movie The Science of Fasting, it gives yet another example of this (interesting watch if you don’t know much about fasting especially for people suffering from chronic illness) I’m a strong proponent of fasting for nearly everybody at some level and this movie further strengthens my resolve. Boise Gyms The Science of Fasting shows the efficacy of fasting exceeds many drugs yet it’s difficult to get funding for further research. Why? Because there’s not a lot of money in the business of people not eating. Our medical system is designed to make money on people who are diseased and ill so what is the benefit of spending on and pushing people to preventative health. Preventative health like going to the gym, eating healthy foods, sleeping properly, and handling stress would save the nation billions of dollars in health care costs and produce a more vital population. It will do the same for you as an individual. Spend less money upfront on preventative health instead of more money on the back end to fix the diseases you could have prevented. The sooner we as a nation can make the shift from treating illness to preventing it the better off we will be financially and physically. Not to mention the increases in productivity, mental outlook, overall wellness, and quality of life. Brett “Preventative” Denton On Being Clever and Wise Albert Einstein is quoted as saying. Boise Gyms “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.” This aligns with my own ruminations as of late. I believe it’s important to know how to do both Be clever and wise. However, one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox to success is avoidance. If you’re able to completely avoid the things that tempt you then why would you waste your cleverness on them? Because your friends are doing it? (Peer pressure at its finest.) Because you don’t want to “miss out?” (Short-term pleasure and delaying your ultimate success.) Because you didn’t have a choice? (When in reality you did you just convinced yourself you didn’t.)

These and other rational-lies crop up with all of us when faced with situations we could avoid but choose not to. When we don’t choose avoidance we must be “clever” to find a solution that allows us to stick with our goals while surrounded by temptation which typically ends up one of two ways. 1. We half-heartedly avoid some of the things that take us away from our objectives while “lightly” indulging in others. 2. We say screw it let’s do it, “I only live once”, and jump into full out hedonism mode. I’m not suggesting you do or do not avoid anything you don’t want to. I’m suggesting you add avoidance to your tool belt and take a good hard look at it as an option when trying to achieve your long-term objectives. Brett “Avoidance” Denton In Just 3 Seconds When performing difficult tasks we often stop early. In our training sessions at Kvell it tends to be three seconds before the end of a round. Let’s take a look at today’s workout as an example of how much opportunity we are wasting stopping three seconds short. Boise Gyms Today’s workout consists of 5 Movements Completed for 4 rounds 5 x 4 = 20 total rounds. 20 rounds x 3 seconds = 60 seconds of work over the average amount of times a person trains with us in a week (3) equals three minutes of missed opportunity for growth. Three minutes multiplied over an entire year equals 156 minutes of missed opportunity to improve. When you multiply this over a lifetime it is life-altering. The bottom line don’t stop short, don’t quit early, push until the very end. Three seconds here, three minutes there, a few dollars now and then doesn’t seem to matter in the short term and it doesn’t. BUT Putting in those three seconds and minutes of work or saving and investing those few dollars will pay dividends in the long-term. Train yourself to play until the whistle is blown for it is those final difficult seconds that we have the most growth and improvement. Brett “Play Until the Whistle” Denton. What I will love and what I will hate…kYesterday I was asked “What am I going to love and what am I going to hate about the job?” in regards to working as a coach at Kvell. This is a great question when considering any venture. I thought it would be fun to answer this question for people thinking about starting or upgrading their fitness and health. What You Will Love? Sense of accomplishment, Increased ability to do things, Improved strength, Boise Gyms Improved body image, Euphoria after a challenging physical effort, Greater sense of calm, Increased energy, Improved mood, Improved Sleep, Decreased illness, Improved health and wellbeing

What You Will Hate? The need for patience with yourself and your results, It’s hard work, The daily grind of making the choices that move you towards your goal, Muscle soreness, Being uncomfortable mentally and physically, Prioritizing health and fitness over things that are initially more enjoyable. There you have it. Brett “Love-Hate Relationship” Denton 25 days, 1 hour, 58 minutes, 43 seconds. That’s how much time we have until January 1, 2018 at the time I am writing this email to you. Are you ready? I spent most of my day Sunday writing for the umpteenth time the Kvell business plan. You see, just like my life planning I re-plan my business every year. Things change and I have to keep up with those changes or business suffers. Writing a plan for the next year with a 100 day sprint at the beginning is a great way to get yourself mentally prepared for success. Boise Gyms I write my life plan during my birthday week and my business plan in December. (Both take a significant amount of mental and emotional energy as well as time) Every time I write my plans I find areas I’ve been neglecting that need attention and areas I’m spending too much time and resources. You’ll likely find this true as well. With 2018 a mere 25 days away it’s a good time to start thinking about how you want 2018 to unfold. What will be your focus or theme for 2018? What do you want to accomplish no matter what? How are you going to ensure accomplishment of these things? What challenges will you have and how will you overcome them? Brett “Prep Time!” Denton Hard is Easy. Making something hard or difficult is easy. Let’s look at workouts as an example. Writing a hard workout program is easier than writing an easy one. “Hard” Workout 1: 60 Minutes of Burpees. “Hard” Workout 2: Sprint 100 meters, 10 Push Ups, 10 Squats, 10 Burpees, and repeat with little to no rest for 60 minutes. I do not necessarily recommend you do these workouts. They are given to prove a point. Hard is not the same as effective. Making something more effective workouts and otherwise is challenging. I have written thousands of workouts and am still improving on the nuances of writing more effective programs. It seems the general attitude and thinking is that hard is better. Hard is not better. Better is better. More effective is better. Are You Making Daily Deposits? Which do you think would prove to be easier and more beneficial in the long run. A. Saving $1 per day B. Boise Gyms Putting away $100 sporadically whenever you have extra. 99 out of 100 times saving $1 per day is going to be easier and net you greater savings over time. This same principle works in other areas of life as well. Fitness A. Stretch for 10 minutes per day B. Stretch sporadically whenever you have extra time. Relationships. A. Do 1 small thing per day B. Do one large extravagant thing whenever you have the resources to make it happen. If you’re like most people you rarely if ever find extra resources to do the sporadic “big” things. However, everybody can figure out how to fit small action items into their life that will get done on a consistent basis. What small things can you do every day that’ll add up to large sums over time in the important areas of your life? Work, Fitness, Health, Relationships, Finances, Recreation Tiny seemingly inconsequential things done daily are better than large seemingly consequential things done sporadically. Boise Gyms I would love to hear the tiny daily actions that’ll move you closer to your goals. Remember the magic is in the doing.