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This is the Kvell life podcast where we strive to be happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Brett Denton and today we are talking about problems challenges. Excuses. Everything that gets in the way of you and success or you and what you want or you and the accomplishment of your goals. That’s all we’re going to talk about today. Even better than that. We’re going to diminish those challenges those goals those problems those abuses down to the measly ugly painful pimple because in reality here’s the thing. Problems in pimples probably have more in common than they have things that are not in common. So today let’s pop that pimple and let’s get over our problems which is a Boise Gym. Let’s get through our challenges. Boise Gym Let’s make sure that those things are never going to stand in our way again when it comes to us and access or the accomplishment of our goals. So we’ll dive right in here. Number one reason that pinball’s are like problems and problems are like pimples is that you care about them far more than anybody else. As a matter of fact the majority of the world in fact probably almost everybody has enough of their own problems enough of their own pimples enough of their own issues to deal with that they could care less or pay attention to anything that you’re dealing with unless your problem or your pimple is big enough strong enough ugly enough painful enough severe enough dangerous enough or it’s affecting that person in some way or another. Nobody else cares about it.  Yeah they may notice it but they don’t care about it. They keep living their life and they’ve got their own stuff to worry about. So the only person that is worried about it that thinks that other people are looking at it in some crazy way is you and so soon as you get over this fear as soon as you get over caring what anybody else thinks about your pimples and problems the better you can move past them through them over them and the faster you can achieve your goals. OK. Number one nobody else cares about your pimples like you do. Nobody else cares about your problems like you do. Most people don’t even notice them because they’re too busy dealing with their own issues. All right the second way the problems in temples are in them a Donegal or are very similar is that you can prevent them. Most of the time simply by doing the right things preemptively and you might use an arm or what do I do preemptively to prevent my problems to prevent my you know Hempel’s to prevent these things. And surprisingly it’s a lot of the same stuff. Right.  So to prevent pimples you need to have proper hygiene that’s mental hygiene physical hygiene emotional hygiene need take care of yourself in the proper ways. You need to eat properly you need to get the right nutritious foods into your body. You need to make sure that you’re getting enough protein. Make sure you’re getting enough vegetables. Make sure you’re eating a fruit. You have to make sure that you’re managing your stress properly. Now notice I didn’t say not to have stress. OK. Indeed stressing the needs dress to grow. That’s how we grow. We put ourselves under stress. We get through it and we grow. But you need to know how to manage it properly. You need to know how to take negative stress and reduce the impact that it’s having on your body on your body on your emotions and on your mental capacity to function. So you need to manage your stress. Next you need exercise at a Boise Gym. You know you need to exercise you got to get your hormones alone then the way they need to be. Another thing that exercise does is it increases your happiness. Exercise also is going to increase and boost your confidence level. This is going to lie to handle bigger and better problems. Exercise also makes you sweat which helps clean out the ports. Exercise is so valuable when it comes to pimples and problems that it just is something that cannot be forgotten. All right. So just these things alone are going to help ensure that you have fewer problems and fewer pimples. Another one is sleep. Most people don’t take good enough sleep and they have poor sleep hygiene. You got to make sure that you’re sleeping well.
And typically some are between seven and nine hours. It’s going to be optimal for most people unless you’re one of those genetic freaks and you can get by in four hours and it actually is better for you than if you sleep longer. But most studies out there if you look up sleep and weight gain or hormonal functioning you know the minimum you’re going to see is about six and a half hours to be optimal and most studies are going to show a little bit higher than that for preventing weight gain and optimal mental capacity and functioning. So there you go. You can preemptively. Prevent most of the problems and pimples you have simply by taking care of your body and doing the right things. Boise Gym The third thing that you can do or the third way that is similar. Is that the worst ones are usually underground and you usually don’t notice them until they’re in full effect. And this is so so true with problems right. You have these problems that you know you don’t really notice or you don’t really pay attention to because they’re not that visible they’re not causing that big of an issue yet. And then it’s almost like you know the tree that grows its roots around the pipes and all of a sudden you know you can’t do anything with those pipes anymore the trees start breaking them. And now that tree is taking over and that’s the similar you know similar with like underground people you go know those underground pebbles and that sucker hurts. But you can barely notice it until it’s big. And it is so painful. That is like what do I do with this thing and by that time it’s almost impossible to do anything with them. So again the ones that are usually the worst are the ones that are underground the ones that don’t pay attention to until it’s too late. Number before the more it them the more likely they are to cause lasting damage. Write you pick it a pimple you pop the pimples you do all these things are pimples. Boise Gym Unless of course you’re doing it the right way going to get a facial or whatever it is and all of sudden you end up with scars on your face you know with pock marks on your face. You know you end up with a big red spot that’s bleeding and it’s more painful you know. Boise Gym So the more you pick it problems without truly fixing them the bigger issue you’re going to have on your hands. So if you have a problem you need to go to the right people you need to get the right things. You need to fix it properly instead of just doing a half baked job and continue picking at it and ending up causing worst damage than you would otherwise. Number five some people are lucky and have fewer problems than you. Some people are lucky and have fewer pimples than you. Some people are lucky and quite simply are better looking than you. Some people are lucky and have better skin than you. That’s the breaks. That’s life. That’s how you’re born. Who cares. Right now it there’s nothing you can do to change any of those things. You have to deal with what is in front of you and that is the problems that is the pimples that is the skin does not as you know oily or too oily or whatever it is you just deal with the problem and that’s it. You don’t worry about what anybody else is dealing with you don’t worry about anybody else being luckier than you because that’s just going to happen. Right. You’ve got to have people who are going to be luckier than you in life and not have to deal with the same issues that you’re dealing with. This is going to be true in your career. It’s going to be true in school is going to be true. Your skin is going to be truth your body is going mature with everything that you do in life. You’re going to have somebody out there who’s going to be luckier than you who was born with some thing better than you. And the other side of it is which is number six. There are many people who are less fortunate than you. There are many people who have far more problems than you. There are many people who have far worse skin than you. There are many people who have it far worse off financially physically mentally. Upbringing support they knew. Right. We got to get over that too. But here’s the thing. You can help those people you can help those people and you can give them a hand up but you’ve got to understand that you’re always going to have people who are going to be your Boise Gym
luckier than you and you’re always going to have people who are going to be less fortunate than you. So no matter what you’ve got to understand that and you’ve got to be grateful for what you have because somebody else doesn’t have it and then you just got to work for where other people are lucky to make yourself lucky. Now number seven Everybody has their own way or ways of dealing with these issues pimples problems challenges. Therefore there are many different ways to remedy them. Right. And so it’s important that you learn from other people and you understand how they handle the situation. It might even be important that you try out their remedy or their situation because you never know it may be way better than yours. But you have to understand that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. There’s more than one way to fix a problem. There’s more solutions than one to any one problem. All right. You got to understand that nobody is better or worse than the other person and the problem that somebody solves with X Y and Z that X Y and Z for the prostate problem with you may not work at all or it may work better because everybody’s in a different situation. Right. Everybody’s different human being everybody’s got different makeup different genetics different skills different strengths and so you want to take the accumulation of everybody’s knowledge and skills that you’ve been around and figure out what works for you best. Right. What works for you to solve these challenges these problems. Number eight if you have enough problems or enough pimples then you probably and you have that often enough then you probably have a systemic issue a systemic issue means that something deep down in the core of what you’ve got going on is not working as you fix the root cause if you fix that systemic issue.  Boise Gym almost all of your problems will clear up. We still have a pimple here and there. Yes of course we still have a problem here and there. Yes of course the differences as they will not stay as long they will not be as bad. They will not be as plentiful and you will be able to hand them on a much shorter duration without as much headache and effort. So a systemic issue might be the fact that you don’t take care of your body at all. You don’t get to sleep on time. You don’t exercise and you drink enough water you’re not eating correctly you’re not taking care of your stress. All of these things are going to cause systemic issues across here all the areas of your life this is including your skin care right. It’s going to take take toll on you no matter what you’re trying to accomplish or what you’re trying to do if you’re not just taking care of your body. That’s a systemic issue and you have a problem if you don’t fix that problem you’re going to continue to see these problems. Boise Gym You have a business same thing there if you keep seeing problems if you have cancellations if you have people who are constantly quitting. If you have you know issues closing clients and you have a systemic issue you need to get to the bottom of that systemic issue fix that systemic issue and then everything else gets a little bit better gets easier. Number nine the more you pick at them the more attention you bring to them. Right. Boise Gym So the more you talk about them the more you pick at them the more you lament on them the bigger the problems get and the more people start to notice them. And this typically isn’t a good thing. Right now we’re talking about pimples as an example the more you pick out of the bigger gets the red air gets the more painful it gets the more people start to notice it whereas before probably people didn’t notice it at all. And we do that enough with enough problems and then all of a sudden people start to associate you with somebody who’s always complaining and who has always has problems. Right. Same thing with people someone who’s always got pimples and that’s just what they expect to get the person that that you become in their mind. So the more you pick out the more attention you bring the Dems will stop picking at them if you’re going to fix them fix up get the right people get the right solutions find the right
solution for you. Number 10 some of them are big and ugly and need to be handled immediately and others can wait or not be dealt with at all and they’ll just sort themselves out. Boise Gym You need to know which ones to deal with now and which ones you can table for later date or not at all. Right. Some problems are like boom you need to handle that thing now. Right now it needs to be fixed immediately. And some of them you never need to touch. It may be a problem but it is something you know on the surface that doesn’t really need to be touched it you just it just doesn’t matter. Boise Gym and most of the times many of these problems will either work themselves out or they just fall by the wayside as you start taking care of the bigger problems the challenges that need to be faced right away to immediate immediately. Number 11 they hurt and can be challenging. Right. Problems hurt challenges hurt pimples hurt but that doesn’t mean we stop and don’t find solutions for them. Right. They’re challenging and that’s good. But we just figure out the best plan of attack and we go forward from there. There were 12. They are not forever right. You leave a pimple alone for long enough it’s going to go away. You leave a problem alone for long enough and it may not go away but it’s not forever either. Right. So we’re going to go away and some we have to deal with. So you have to deal with it even if it is a terrible problem like let’s say you lose the use of part of your body all gaining back part of your body is probably not going to happen anytime in the near future. Boise Gym Although they are coming out some pretty cool things. But let’s say you become a paraplegic. OK. So you get to be a paraplegic for the rest of your life. All right that’s a big problem you’ve got to overcome that problem. And although being a pair of police jik is forever your ability to do things or not do things will change over time you will learn how to adapt you’ll learn how to do more things. You’re going to learn how to get around the things that you’re not able to do now. So even though being a paraplegic is forever your ability to do things at your current state is not forever and you will get better at and do develop things and work arounds for things that you can’t currently do. And number 13 the world is not coming to an end because you have them. If you have a huge family life will go on. If you have a huge problem life will go on. Right. You have to work through all of these things and you have to understand that nothing is too big for you to deal with. And it’s very similar to dealing with anything in your life. Big or small we just have to find the right solution the right people to help us and we have to get to work strategically to make sure that we can get over the solution instead of complaining picking at it buggering it. All right. This is Brett Denton with the kvell life podcast. I hope you all are happy and proud today today. Get out there and get after it.