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This is that kvell life podcast where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Brett Denton. And today we are talking about workout frequency. This is a common question that we get at kvell fitness and nutrition. People always want to know how many days per week they should be working out to have often results. But in reality people really just want something that is going to fulfill their need for what they think is the best option. Well today we’re going to talk about the truth and how many days per week you should be working out. This is extremely dependent on your goals and what you hope to accomplish. And today we’re going to dig into a few of people’s most pressing goals and the most common goals. Let’s first start with general fitness health and quality of life. So if you want tosimply work out an exercise to be able to do the things that you want to do in life be it playing a soccer game. Go for a hike. Running a Tough Mud or anything of the like Boise Gym. Then generally what you’re going to want to do is the following. First you want to make sure that every single day you are walking. Now there is you know this 10000 step day type of a deal and 10000 steps per day is more or less an arbitrary number that really has no significant statistics or studies or anything backing it up. Boise Gym so the real goal is to make sure that you are walking. And we like to recommend 8000 steps per day or more. This is something that is more realistic for most human beings and it is really going to make sure that you’re walking throughout the day. Boise Gym right the most important thing is to make sure that you’re not sitting or you’re not sedentary throughout the day the steps are important. It is good to get you know walks in it is good to walk you know a significant amount but it’s also very important that you’re just not sedentary all day long and that you’re continuing to move. And really this is what it comes down to for most people right. Most people these days have desk jobs. And if you don’t have a desk job then you’re already probably moving around. So we have this you know black or white type of situation you have for example we had a construction foreman who was getting 20000 steps per day on an easy day. And then you have your office worker who can barely get 3000 steps in per day and that’s if they’re really trying. And so you have this like way over the top where you have this you know barely making a buy. And so the real key here is to make sure that you’re moving throughout the day and shooting for that 10000 steps or 8000 steps like we recommend goal ensure that you do that because it’s almost impossible to get 10000 or even 8000 steps in per day if you wait until like the end of the day or you try to knock all those out in the morning. So make sure you’re moving all day long. There was a study done by the American Cancer Society a few years back and they came up with some pretty drastic statistics. Boise Gym those statistics we’re talking about the likelihood of people dying in this study during the study if they were sedentary or seeded for three hours a day versus six plus hours a day. And the statistics were pretty pretty significant. Matter of fact I would look at this. Look those up real quick. And I will share those with you so that you have an idea of you know just how important it is to make sure that you’re not sitting every single day. Boise Gym so the statistics said that 94percent of women who were inactive in sat over six hours per day were more likely to die during the study than those who sat three hours or less per day. And in the male population is 48 percent so not quite as bad in the female population for whatever reason only about half of it but still only 48 percent you know that’s 50 percent more likely to die than somebody who is sitting only three hours per day. So let’s get up. Want to make sure we’re moving to make sure we’re not sedentary. Make sure we’re not sitting all day long. And if you do have a job you know ask your boss if you can get a
standing desk and ask if you can get a treadmill desk and have neither of those are an option. You know then go ahead and make sure that you set an alarm about every 30 to 60 minutes get up and just walk around your office for five minutes. Right. You’re actually going to be more productive you’re going to have better mental capacity you’re going to have the ability to focus better. If you get up and you take a break about every 30 to 55 minutes or at most 90 minutes so it’s going to be better for your health. To help you live longer. It’s also going to be better for your actual production at work. Boise Gym so that’s number one first and foremost right before even talk about exercise before you even get that into the picture let’s just make sure that we’re moving like the human body is designed to do. You know in a pretty significant way every single day. All right. So again for general fitness weight loss and health. The next thing is. All right. Well what’s the next most important thing. Well typically it’s some form of resistance training. Now resistance training doesn’t have to be done you know six days a week like you see the bodybuilders do. Bodybuilding is a whole different deal and it’s a sport that really requires a different level of commitment than your average everyday joe who just won’t be fit look good and be able to perform at the things that they want to do. You know had a at a amateur level and so when you look at resistance training you want to look at Am I working every day to get a little stronger. Am I doing something that is forcing me to exert muscular force against an object Boise Gym. So this could be body weight. This can be utilizing you know free weights. This could be utilizing machines really any type of resistance training you talk about or work in this area when you’re just talking about you know amount of times now we can get into a whole other conversation and a whole other podcast about the best types of resistance training but today let’s just keep it at just simple resistance training when you’re looking at resistance training really if you can get two solid days in per week. Boise Gym you don’t really need to get more than that. You get two solid days of resistance training in per week that’s enough that’s going to stimulate the musculature. It’s enough that’s going to stimulate growth. It’s enough that’s going to stimulate the hormonal response that we’re looking for. And so you’re going to start getting the results out of resistance training that you want right you’re going to start making sure that we’re building a little bit of lean mass. We’re getting stronger. We have fitness at a level that’s going to allow us to do the things that we want todo and we have the strength to follow that up. So again you want to get the resistance training you know about two days per week give or take. Boise Gym all right. Two to three days per week two days per week if you’re looking at the minimalist idea. There’s actually some programs we can work out less than that but that’s a you know that’s a different level for the general population. You know you look at two days a week and then you look at our eye or what’s next an hour. Boise Gym we’re moving every single day you know with our steps in not sitting that long and then we’re getting our resistance training in. Those are probably the two most important things to start with. All right and then you look at your cardio. Right. So we’ve got to get a little bit of cardio in to make sure that our cardio respiratory system is is healthy you know make sure our hearts healthy make sure that our lungs function properly make sure we can deliver oxygen to the body the way that we need to. And so then you want to start looking at some type of cardio component. Now everything we do is cardio right you’re walking is cardio your weight lifting cardio everything that you do for the most part is cardiovascular. Right because we have to use a heart and have to use our lungs for everything. But we’re talking about a more elevated state. Boise Gym this is where a lot of people get it wrong when it comes to general fitness. A lot of people think that cardio is king right so they all go out and run every single day or they’ll go on their bike and they’ll just you know hit it hard every single day or they’ll go to cycling. You know your local bike
cycle bar or cycle class and that just isn’t going to get it done. You know orange theory also has this issue right. Like all of their training sessions are cardio based sessions and their cardio sessions that push you to a level that actually isn’t that great for you especially if you’re doing very consistently. And so when you’re looking at general fitness right. I just want to be fit. I just want to have a healthy heart healthy lungs. To look at I want to feel good then if we get cardio cardio training session about two times a week then you’re going to be good. Right so hit it two to three times a week two times on the minimum. And it doesn’t need to be super intense If you’re just looking for general fitness. Now if you’re looking for fat loss a good option is to hit high intensity intervals. You know so sprint intervals or bicycle sprint intervals or something like that but you keep that to a very short period of time. Like if you go to your local gym and you’re doing a cycle barre class or something along those lines those classes are like 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes is a little bit too long for a high intensity cardio session. High intensity cardio sessions should be done. Maximum effort for the work duration short sorry a rest period and then max effort again and you can only do that for a certain period of time. Typically 15 to 20 minutes you’re very well trained athletes you know they’re looking a little bit higher than that. But again we’re talking about general population here. So if your workout is approaching you know even 30 40 minutes of actual workout time that workout too long for what you’re doing. Now the reason that most training sessions are an hour I think get nothing to back this up is quite simple because it fits easily for people into their schedule. They want an hour. They think they need an hour and they’ve been conditioned and trained to have an hour. So the gyms you know offer our training sessions but in reality if you’re looking for optimal results here in the minimum amount of time hours too long for most people right. Get in get your cardio session in and get out. Now if you’re not looking for fat loss I still recommend the high intensity training sessions because they optimize the hormone release. They make sure that you’re getting the best results in the minimum amount of time. And they challenge in more ways than just physically they’re also a good mental challenge for you to conquer. Boise Gym it’s going to help in other areas of your life. So I recommend the high intensity interval training for two days a week you know three days a week if you’re once you’ve been training for a while and you get really ambitious and you want to hit that goal. Otherwise you can do some lower intense this stuff. You know you can ride your bike you can go on hikes you can do some jobs you can do those types of things. But again just don’t do that for too long or you start to spike the cortisol levels when the cortisol levels start to spike you start having issues where you get into a catabolic state for extended periods of time you start to store some fat around your belly that I think most people would rather not store. You start to get into kind of some overtrain states you can get tendonitis you don’t recover as well. Your hormones are not functioning at an opera level. In other words you have some hormones that are high like your cortisol that shouldn’t be high when it is high. And then you have you know decreases in testosterone increases in estrogen. A lot of things there and this is what happens with a lot of people who do the the long run long distance type of endurance and cardio training. So just be careful on your cardio training there. OK. So that’s what we got we’ve got we’re walking every day. That’s number one making sure that we’re moving a lot. Number two we’re going to make sure that we’re getting resistance training in twice a week and then we need to get some type of cardiovascular component. And that is you know moderate to high intensity either high intensity interval training or your moderate type of you know just going for a
bike ride and go for a hike. Going for a jog or run those types of things. All right. So those are the three main components that you need to have. And then the fourth thing which I highly recommend everybody do. And you know even though this one’s for this one actually could be the most important especially as we age. And that is mobility and stability work. So mobility and stability work is extremely important as we age if we want to have a high quality of life. What typically happens with most people is they start as we age we get more immobile. So you know we’re not able to move our joints through the full range of motion. And we also get less stable or more stable depending on what the joint is. But both can be bad and good depending on the joint. So for our shoulder for example on our shoulder be very mobile. And then we want our need to be very stable. Right. And so usually the opposite that happens as we start to age. And so we want to make sure that we’re always doing a decent amount of mobility and stability work. And I recommend that we do this every single morning first thing in the morning. The reason that you want to do it first thing in the morning is a few there’s a few things. Number one you want to do it first thing in the morning because it’s a great way to wake up. It’s actually you know better than a cup of coffee better than any drink better than anything else you can do is to get some physical activity in the morning that’s working on your mobility and your stability. This is going to wake you up and it’s going to make your body feel good and it’s going to get your day started off on the right foot. So that’s number one reason why. Number two when you’re cold the first thing in the morning you’re going to get much better results with your flexibility training. Then when you do it if you’re warm. So if you warm up a storm for four you started doing flexibility training you’re not actually going to get as much structural change in the Fasher in the end in the muscles as you would if you do it when you’re cold when you’re warm. It is like a rubber band. Right. So if you warm up or rubber band it’s going to stretch a little bit more but that doesn’t mean that’s actually that doesn’t mean it’s actually more flexible. It just means that it was warmer so stretched more. So same thing with our joint or our Fasher. Right. So we want to stretch our fasta when it’s cold. Therefore you’re going to actually get more structural change in it. So over the long run you’ll have better flexibility. Boise Gym So even though you might not be able to stretch as far when you’re cold you’re going to get better structural. Train changing in the long run. So that’s the reason we want to do it in the morning. All right. And this is an everyday type of thing because you’re counteracting years and years of you know sitting at a desk or not taking care of your joints the way that you need to take care of them. And as we age this is one of the most important things for you to look at. You have got to have healthy joints if you want to have a good quality of life as you grow old. Right. When have healthy knees healthy ankles healthy hips healthy shoulders and these are all the issues if you talk to people who are getting older these are the areas where most people are having the most issues lower back. You know you can fix all those issues simply by doing you know even if you start out with 15 minutes of mobility and stability work you’re going to be going in the right direction and you start feeling better posture is going to improve. Everything is going to start leading you towards you know having a nice healthy body and healthy joints and one of the things that we recommend for this is the five rites of Tibet and yoga to get started. And you know if you start out easy on that and slow with you know like three reps or even one rep you know it’s going to take you all of one to two minutes and then you can slowly build up as you get better at it. So that’s what we recommend. So again kind of just to review here for general health and general fitness. Boise Gym the amount of times that you want to work out is as follows. Number one to make sure that we’re moving every day you know set a step goal we recommend 8000 other people recommend 10000 set a goal that’s going to work for you then you want to make sure that you’re getting resistance training in at least twice a week twice a week as you know the minimalist point of view if you want to get more than that great but you don’t really need more than that if you’re getting after. Number three is get some type of cardiovascular workouts and this could be riding your bike or this could be high intensity interval training. We recommend high intensity interval training for most people especially if that loss is the goal. Or if you’re short on time and then you want to look at mobility and stability training. So you want to make sure that you’re really taking care of your joints making sure that they’re mobile make sure that they’re healthy making sure that the ones that are stable need to be stable. And again you can do something like the five rites of Tibet and yoga two to kind of get jumpstarted on this without having to think too much on it. This is the kvell live podcast. I am your host Bret Denton and I hope today you are happy and proud of our Boise Gym.