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This is that Kvell Life Podcast where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Brett Denton and today we are talking about how to get back on track. So if you like pretty much everybody else on the face of the earth you are going to get off track at some point. You’re either going to go on a vacation or are going to spend a lot of time with friends who don’t necessarily do the things that you do. That’s going to get you off track. Or you know just during your normal life your life is going to get away from you and you’re going to get off track and eat the wrong things. You’re going to miss your exercise sessions. You’re not going to go to be going to bed on time. All kinds of different issues that you can run into and just like everybody else on earth you are going to get off track. Boise Gym and so the question is is how do you get back on track. Because the faster you can get back on track the better results are going to have the better consistency that you’re going to have. And ultimately the better quality of life that you’re going to have. So today we’re going to discuss 10 ways that you can get back on track when you found yourself off of track with your current plans and goals and visions and routines. All right. So let’s jump right into the 10 things to do. Number one in no particular order is to seclude yourself or hibernate away from all of those things that are influencing you to do things that are not on par or in line with your goals in routines. You see this a lot on like transformation shows the biggest loser being one of the biggest ones. Right. So they take these people who are overweight who are obviously not any good routine. And they get them on track by taking them away from every single influence that they have in their life Boise Gym. Right they take them away from all of the fast food joints. They take them away from all their friends. They take them out of their ordinary life and they put them into a very regimented controlled type of environment. So this is a great way for you to get back on track if you have fallen off track and somewhere along the lines and you don’t have to go to some resort to do this. In fact sometimes going to a resort will get you back on track. But then when you get back home you fall back off just as easily. So it is more recommended that you actually do this at your own house. Right. You find you know a good four days five days or maybe even a week where you just kind of seclude yourself from everything else. This means you go to work you go home and you focus on getting back on track. The focus on your sleep you focus on eating correctly you focus on staying away from fast food joints. Focus on stay away from your friends are going to have negative influences on you. And you just focus on you and getting back on track. So again hibernating or secluding yourself. Boise Gym That’s one way to get back on track after you find yourself off track. Number two is you know what to burn the ships and you know the story goes. I think it is. Sure. Anyways long time ago. You know one of the commanders in his army landed on the beach and he burned the ships so that they had to win or perish right win or perish. [00:03:10] I don’t know if the story is true. I don’t even know what the story came from. But this is something that you can do right. You got to burn all the ships. In other words you’ve got to get rid of everything so that you don’t have any option but to be successful. Get rid of everything in your kitchen that can make one successful Boise Gym
[00:03:25] Take that.Take everything out of your life. That’s going to influence you. What is going to cause you to go off track again. Right. You got to burn all the ships. Get rid of everything that’s going to make sure that you’re unsuccessful. Third thing you want to do hang out with the right people. So many times we find ourselves hanging out with people who we like and we like to hang out with. Boise Gym But their goals and their visions for life aren’t the same as ours. You know maybe our goal is to get healthier but we hang out with people who eat fast food all the time drink and party all the time. And and the last thing from healthy so we should not then expect ourselves to be healthy if we’re always hanging around with people who are unhealthy in fact. Jim Marone one of the prominent motivational speakers once said you the average of the five people who hang around with most. Right. And so you need to look at the five people that you’re hanging around with most of your spending the most time with and see if those are the types of people that you want to be. Because those aren’t the type of person that you want to be they need to find a new group of friends to help you get back on track. And they’ll force you to get back on track because they’re not going to allow you to do the things that they don’t want to do and they’re going to pull you up by doing the things that are going to make you healthier and more successful next. Number four would be to change your routine. So if you found yourself out of you know off the tracks for long enough then you’ve probably started developing another routine or maybe fall back into previous routine that was not so healthy. Right. So you know you start changing that routine in a good way. This is you know if you drive home every day from work and you pass by a coffee shop and you always go get a coffee or you pass by a fast food joint and you always pick up some fast food. Well a slight change in the routine of taking a different route home. So you’re not driving by those same coffee shops those save fast food joints will break that pattern and will break that habit. You’ll get home without driving by those Therefore you will not be getting those things. So just a slight change in routine like that where it takes you somewhere that you’re not familiar with and that’s not going to tempt you to break the old habit then. That’s one way to create a new routine. Number five is to use the carrot in the stick and I’m sure you’re familiar with this but you want to use a carrot so that you’re motivated to go forward. Right. And so that carrot might be a trip somewhere that care might be buying yourself you know a new wardrobe that carrot might be rewarding yourself with a nice date. Boise Gym that care could be a whole bunch of things. But you want to make sure that that care is something that’s exciting for you and something that is really motivating for you and make sure that it’s something that is in somebody else’s control. So in other words the only way that you can get it is if you achieve your goal and get back on track and that person then is able to provide that for you and then on the flip side of that you want to make sure that you have a stick and the stick is there to make sure that you know we’re getting pushed along both by positive reinforcement or reward and negative. And so the negative needs to also be in somebody else’s control. And so if you’re going to have something like maybe you give money to some type of organization that you dislike If you don’t do X Y and Z by X Y and Z date right and you give that power to somebody that you trust and somebody that’s going to make sure that it actually happens. If you don’t get done what you said you were going to get done this way you have two motivators. You have one that’s kind of pushing you along and you have on that’s pulling you along because you want to achieve it right. So the carrot and stick principle can be a powerful principle if used correctly. Most people go wrong with the carrot and stick principle because they leave the
power to themselves. We were very poor at holding ourselves accountable. Boise Gym So you have to find somebody who is going to hold you accountable no matter what. And this sometimes isn’t isn’t a friend. You know sometimes this has got to be a coach. You’ve got to have somebody who’s going to hold you accountable no matter what no matter who you get. You know you start complaining if you start saying no just give me X amount of more time. All that stuff just you got to be held accountable and you got to know that you can be held accountable. So that’s number five. Carrot and stick number six is to find the domino. And so basically what this means is you want to find the one thing that’s going to make everything else easier. And so usually there’s one thing that you can do that’s going to make all the rest of your goals and habits a little bit easier. And so for some people this might be exercise right if you just start exercising life gets easier. Right you start eating better you start sleeping better. You start having a better attitude. Everything starts to kind of fall in line and that’s the domino. Right for other people is going to be sleep. You know I I you know maybe I worry for you it’s like I have to. No matter what I get seven or eight hours of sleep a night. So that means I have to get better at 9:00 have to get up at whatever time it is that you need to get up to get that amount of sleep in and then that’s the domino that falls in place because now you’re well-rested you have a positive attitude and your day is a totally different day and you have more self-discipline and everything starts to change. You want to find a domino whatever that one thing he has and then focus on that one thing first get that one thing dialed in and then all the other stuff kind of starts to fall in line Boise Gym. This is a way to make sure that your focus is laser focused on one thing instead of trying to change everything back right away. So again Number six is to find the domino. Boise Gym Number seven is to get a partner or coach or team. OK so you need to find somebody who can hold you accountable. And also that you know possibly you can hold accountable so you can kind of do a back and forth action there. Now if they hire a coach the reason that you hire a coach is because you’re hiring somebody to basically hold you accountable no matter what. And it’s a one way street so their entire job is to make sure that you are getting the results you want and they’re holding you accountable and that’s why you’re paying them money. Sometimes this is a better option than finding an accountability partner because accountability partners sometimes are not as motivated to keep you on task and accountable as a coach. You’re paying the coach. That’s their job. Accountability partner you know a they may be a friend and therefore they may not hold you accountable to the standards that you need to be held accountable in order to get their results. So number seven is to get a partner. Number eight go back and review your goals and even more important review the reason that you set those goals in the first place. Right. Reviewing your goals and reviewing your why is one way to tap into your emotional powerhouse of motivation to make sure that you get back on track as fast as possible. Many people don’t really know the reason why they set their goals and if this is you then all you have to do is sit down look at the goals one by one and ask yourself why the general best practice here is to ask yourself why at least five times. You know so you can get to that emotional hot button the real reason why you want to do something. Let’s take weight loss for example. You know so you might be saying I want to lose weight because I want to feel good about myself. OK great. Why do you want to feel good about yourself. Well I want to feel good about myself because right now my clothes don’t fit. I’m always depressed and I hate looking in the mirror. I don’t like going shopping. It’s just overall a miserable experience. OK great. Well why do you care about any of those things. Why does it matter to you. Because it doesn’t matter to everybody. Well it matters
to me because I know that my children are watching me and I don’t want my children to end up as unhappy as I am. OK great. Well why do you care if your children don’t end up as happy as you are. Well because it’s a miserable way to live. And I don’t think that anybody should live this way. And I definitely don’t want my children to live that way. So I want to make sure that I’m a role model for my kids so that they don’t end up like me. [00:11:31] Right so that’s a whole different thing. And you just keep asking why until you basically feel a punch in the gut or you start to cry and then you have your real emotional hot button. You have the real reason why you want to do these things and then you have a lot more power behind getting right back into your routine. So number eight is to review your goals and your why. And number nine is to start you know start fresh dates set a date you know Mondays are a great day to do this. Boise Gym I know the proverbial you all starting Monday is kind of a joke but in reality it works right. New Year’s works on NEW DAY works right. Just because you can kind of set that limit it’s the settled limit. Now the closer you set the limit the better off you’re going to be. So if it’s Sunday and you set it for Monday that’s awesome. If it’s Tuesday and you said for Monday not as awesome because you got a lot of time to destroy. You know anything that might still be hanging on and so you want to set that date as soon as possible so the best way to do that is pay tomorrow first thing. That’s when I start fresh day and everything changes. That’s what I work on my domino that’s when I started doing all these things to get back on track. This is especially true if you know you’ve been on track for quite significant time you went on vacation you got off track to start fresh dates so maybe it’s at when the plane touches down back home back to your routines. Right everything’s back to normal. So number nine is set a start fresh day. And then number 10 is do the opposite of what your body or your mind is desiring at that moment. Right so if you’re out of routine then likely the things that your body or mind are desiring are not the things that you want to be doing. Your body might be desiring sugar. All right. So you want sugar you see the cookies you want the cookies you want don’t you. You just you keep going your mind’s like I want those I want those just this once just this once just this once and do the opposite of that. Take that as a cue of hey that’s I need to do the opposite of that thing. All right. You want to stay up late. OK. Do the opposite of that thing. Going to sleep in instead of go work out do the opposite of that thing right. Set. Set it up so for a week you’re just doing the opposite of your initial desire. Right. Because initial desire gain when we’re off track is usually not the thing that we should be doing or want to be doing in the long run for our overall health fitness and well-being. Boise Gym So there’s 10 ways to get back on track again just as someone summarized. Number one is to hibernate or seclude ourselves. Number two is to burn the ships. Number three is to find the right people to hang out with. Now we’re forced to change your routine. Number five is to utilize the carrot and the stick. Boise Gym Number six is to find the domino. The one thing that’s going to make everything else easier. Number seven is to get a partner or a coach hire a coach hire a partner or find a team who’s going to hold you accountable. Number eight is to review your goals and your Why understand really why you want to accomplish these things in the first place. Number nine said I start fresh date. Set a date where boom that’s the first date. Boise Gym I’m changing my habits back to how they were when I’m changing my habits indefinitely and the number nine is to you know plan a seven to 30 days where you’re going to do the opposite of what you’re desiring at that very moment. So if your desire is to eat ice cream you’re going to do the opposite and you can eat vegetables or you’re going to not eat anything
at all. Right. If you’re desiring to stay up late watch a movie and do the opposite of that you’re going to go to bed. So against doing the opposite for seven to 30 days. So there is the 10 ways to get back on track. This was the Cavell podcast. I hope you are happy and proud. And we will talk to you next time about Boise Gym