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Hello everybody this is Brett with Kvell Fitness and Nutrition here with one of our amazing clients Haley Smith and she’s going to talk a little bit today about the experience that she’s had and how she’s been successful in hopes to you know kind of helps very long motivate you hopefully relate with you a little bit and let you know that you know somebody has been in your shoes before. And they have been successful so I’m highly welcome to the call. Thank you. And I appreciate you being here. I appreciate your time today. You just kind of get a just a brief background kind of you know who you are where you came from and just kind of let people know a little bit about you. [00:00:48] OK sure. And I am 32 and I work as a tax manager for a corporation over federal and financial reporting compliance. I am originally from Blackfoot Idaho. The name is to be just over 11 years ago when I moved here during my undergraduate schooling. For Gingrich so that this job probably is a pretty business. It sure does. Yeah there is. And a lot of stressful deadlines and a lot of hours at the computer sitting down. I can only imagine. So family for what’s what’s going on your outside work life. Yeah. And I have a boyfriend and I have some family that lives here in town. I’m just an aunt and uncle and yeah lots of friends and a dog can yeah. I like to stay active and enjoy the different things that we see has to offer at Boise Gym. Great. So what you know again I just kind of tried to get that picture. And this is so you know you’ve got to work at a Boise Gym you’ve got your family your boyfriend your dog you are pulling in and requesting your time. But do you ever have time to do anything fun or any hobbies or anything like that. Yeah. And this. Place last. I don’t know maybe six seven months has been really stressful. But I do try to make sure you know these things. And if if they’re planned you know it’s travel or you know go to dinner with friends or go for a bike ride. So I do try to get fun things in. The reason I want to hit on that is that a lot of people you know they struggle with time especially when it comes to fitting in you know work and outside work things that they want to accomplish with them. How do you fit in the exercise and eating well. I think you’ve done a good job of balancing those two and we’ll get into that a little bit later. But I wanted to make sure that everybody knows that this isn’t just I mean you are an extremely busy person and you were able to make it work. So I will make sure we get that across. So let me just ask you I know you have been at you know you’ve trained with us though I want to say it was maybe even two to two or three years. Is that right. Yeah that’s right. I did I I train to you and I think it was shortly after he first opened. And I train this group of coworkers that we would walk over at lunch time and the other with a lot of days and I didn’t want to go into that time and. It was it was looking back and you know part of the reason they did come back and. That part was really really helpful. And after I laugh. And I think I’ll probably talk more about this. But I mean I’ve tried a number of different gyms and different personal trainers at Boise Gym. And there’s a definite reason of you know why I wanted to
come back in and there’s a reason why I’ve received a result at your gym and with your training. Great. Yeah that’s definitely what will jump into that here in a second. But before we do that I definitely want to talk to you about the importance of you know having that you know the coworkers who also work out and kind of have an environment to race making successful out. How much do you think that played into you know you actually achieving the results you’re after. Yeah. I it honestly was huge for me. And even these same coworkers that I went worked out with. It’s not like I’m you know we’ve had. Relationships outside of work I guess you know doing things all you know it’s not it hasn’t been a continuous thing that’s been kind of new for us to go work out together. And it was very supportive just if one of us was kind of filling up or down or a question about something we could kind of bounce off each other and then also. And the fact that you know don’t come in the office and in the past I don’t think so. Oh sure. They’re just bringing them when I’m trying to diet. Are you trying to sabotage me. I’m fighting kind of knowing Bill. I know that he’s not having one. No sir. Not having one and it’s ok. I don’t have a Boise Gym. And so yeah it was it was helpful and just yet days I didn’t want to work out and they would come to my desk and get me. It I didn’t really have a choice. And then I was much happier after Yeah. I mean I just really want to make sure that point doesn’t get lost on anybody because the more people that you can to have that are in your immediate vicinity they’re going to help you or you’re going to help them the. Of all I ever was going to be. So I think that that point needs to be brought out. So tell me you know why did you come back to us and what it was that made you know kind of what were you struggling with what you try what was. You know what’s the story behind all that. Yeah. Yeah. I guess part of the reason the initial reason I came back. You know all my coworkers that have continued to go have or received great results and. You know after after leaving I mean I have I’ve gone to multiple personal trainers and I enjoy working now and I just nothing is really ever work. And I already belong to two different gyms before this. I think just I know that and from in the past of working with you and I guess I kind of feel like there I always make excuses to myself. And I know that. I know I guess of what I was able to do and I would never I would never accomplishing it. And I guess kind of that no excuse or no nonsense of getting down to why I was doing the things I was doing. And also as for that fall I needed I needed somebody to keep me accountable and I needed help on the nutrition side. And then. The workout I’ve always enjoyed the workout. And there’s you know great flexibility with times if I couldn’t come at noon and I could come later. So I guess I kind of maybe summed up or give this summary of. So [00:08:37] that’s a very interesting point in there that I kind of pull out of that and you know it’s funny because the the exercise part of it was the last piece that you sat in you know I would like to think that our programs are fairly advanced compared to a lot of people even even when you consider personal trainers in there. But I also want to stress that. You can get to work out almost anywhere you can get a workout you can go online and you can download workouts you can. Find work out programs you can get to work out almost anywhere whenever it comes to Boise Gym. But I think the key is if I’m. Tell me if I’m wrong on this but pulling that out is number one you know the accountability in working with the mental side of it and making sure that we aren’t making those excuses to ourselves and you know you have somebody else to kind of you know you have to lean on who’s going to lean on you if you know if you’re not doing what you said you’re going to do is that right by going to this Boise Gym