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This is the Kvell life where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle through a Boise Gym. My name is Brett Denton and today we’re going to be talking about protein powders. The Good The Bad And The disgusting. Let’s jump right into it and let’s start talking about protein powders. What they are. Why you may or may not need them. And what is the best types to consume. So when you look at protein powders these are going to be found in the supplement section of your grocery store or you can find them online in mass. As a matter of fact protein powders are by far one of the most frequently bought supplements in the world. And one of the biggest questions that we get is what type of protein powder should I be consuming in when most people ask this they ask this in terms of what brands should they be consuming not necessarily what types as in you know whey protein egg protein protein rice protein etc. although that plays a role in this as well. My first question always is going to be why are you consuming a protein powder in the first place. In other words why do you feel you need a protein powder in your diet. I’ll give you an example of what I mean by this. With a quick story. So I had a client come and ask me you know what’s the best type of protein powder I should be eating. I asked this simple question. What is the reason that you think you need a protein powder in your diet. And they simply said because I need more protein. I’ve been told that I need more protein in my diet. And after analyzing this person’s diet they’re eating their protein for breakfast they’re eating protein for lunch they’re eating protein for dinner they eating protein and two other snacks during the day and they’re typically eating protein at night as well. And a lot of those protein options were already some type of a supplement. Boise Gym and so when you look at the real benefit of a protein powder you want to look at how it’s helping to supplement the diet instead of replace your food groups. And this is the problem that I personally have with a lot of the detoxes and cleanses that companies specifically multi-level marketing companies will offer and sell all they’re selling is a protein powder or a meal replacement supplement to take over for your food. And all this does is decrease your calories. Right. If you drink a protein powder or a meal replacement supplement you’re looking at you know probably somewhere between maybe 200 calories give or take a few hundred calories this way or that which is significantly less than most meals that people consume. And so instead of consuming a meal replacements augment or a protein powder that can have adverse effects for you. Long term why don’t you just decrease the amount of food that you’re eating. And so this person that I was talking to who was wondering what type of protein powder they should consume. I simply said why don’t you stop consuming protein powder all together and then looked at me like I was crazy. And the reason that they look at me like I’m crazy is because most personal trainers or other people who are giving them advice on nutrition tell them that they need more protein more protein more protein and the way you’re going to get that is with protein powder and you’re going to get it with protein powder because it’s not going to come with all those extra calories. Well other proponent of eating more real whole foods. Boise Gym Right, eat more real whole foods unless you have some other type of goal like maybe your an elite athlete maybe you’re a bodybuilder or a figure competitor. And I would even argue in those circumstances. There’s only specific times in protein powders would be super beneficial for them. By and large the goal for most people should be to eat real whole foods in a sensible way in the proper portions and that will take care of the nutrition entirely. They don’t need to take any type of protein supplement. Now getting into this specific
nutrients let’s say magnesium vitamin D. You know your your omega 3s that type of thing that’s a whole different conversation. But specifically when we’re looking at food as far as macros. So fats carbohydrates and proteins. If you eat real whole foods in the proper proportions you’re going to get all that you need and your body’s going to know how to use that properly and it’s going to get everything that comes along with those whole foods which a lot of the times is a lot of other micro nutrients that your body needs in order to thrive. So that’s number one on you know protein powders or no protein powders. You want to make sure that a protein powder is actually something that’s going to be beneficial to you and that you actually need whenever it comes to Boise Gym. And by and large I would say 95 percent or higher of the population in the United States does not need to utilize protein powder. And I should say in the United States what I should say is an people who are looking to get fit looking to lose weight that type of thing about 95 percent as people probably don’t need to utilize protein powders. Now when you’re looking for protein powder if you are in the small part of the population that a protein powder would be beneficial which again is going to be somebody who has super high caloric intake needs or super high protein needs for some reason or another like you want to put on muscle size or you just your body metabolizes things a little bit faster that type of thing if you’re trying to put on weight. Protein could be beneficial to you for a few reasons. Number one protein powders are going to keep you full as long because they get digested much more rapidly than like a whole fruit food type of protein like animal flesh or other types of whole food options. So it’s going to get digested faster which is going to allow you to consume more of it over the long. I mean in a short amount of time. Right so you can take a protein powder. Typically it’s going to be anywhere from 20 to 40 to 60 grams of protein per shake. And if all you’re eating is the protein powder you can pack quite a few in quite a few those down your stomach in a day. Boise Gym and so when you’re packing that much protein in you know you either really want to gain some weight or some muscle or you’re probably going to be over eating you’re doing the exact opposite of what you want to do. But that would be a time when it’s beneficial. The second reason would be beneficial is if you’re some type of an athlete and you want to make sure that you’re getting a good recovery drink in after or a pre-workout drink it before you work out. So this is most beneficial again for athletes who need kind of that extra edge and need to be ready to go. And again part of the reason is because the protein powders are going to digest faster than your ordinary whole food is going to digest. Boise Gym So if you take your protein powder you mix it with some water some almond milk something like that about 60 minutes before you workout then that’s going to get through you a little bit faster than if for example you were to eat you know an egg and toast. Same thing post-workout. Now there is quite a bit of debate out there about you know whether post-workout is important to eat immediately after you’re working out or if it doesn’t matter as long as you get the nutrients in. But there is one school of thought that says that you want to eat you know some protein some carbohydrate. Soon after you work out to make sure that you take your body out of a catabolic state catabolic state is where your muscles are basically eating themselves for lack of a better term into an anabolic state and then anabolic state as state of repair. And you know the people that are in on this side of reasoning believe that the scenario that you take it the faster you get into that anabolic state thus making sure that you’re building back up your muscle after that workout. So in these circumstances you know protein powder is going to be the best option because they’re going to digest the fact that they’re going to get into the bloodstream the fastest and they’re going to cause the result that we want. And again when you look at different types of protein you know different types actually digest faster as an example whey protein isolate is going to digest faster than your casein protein casein protein at a slower digesting protein both of them are from dairy. But casein digests slower whey protein digest faster. And again this is another instance where if you were to just drink like a regular or eat regular dairy product via yogurt or milk you’re going to get both of those types of proteins here and
you get a faster acting one and a slower acting one are just a digesting one which is going to cause the faster digesting one to actually digest a little bit slower due to the mixture of proteins in there as well as the addition of fat and carbohydrates typically in that situation as well. But for the people that do want to or would benefit from the use of a protein. And the third way the third option or the third reason that somebody would use protein powders quite simply as a supplement to a regular diet for a time when you’re not able to get a meal in but you’re hungry and you still need to or want to eat something. Now I am in the camp that it is ok not to eat. Sometimes it’s OK to go hungry it’s actually OK to be hungry. Boise Gym as a matter of fact you know most people for most of their lives were hungry until recently and recently were starting to become an overfed population species. But it’s OK to be hungry. You know you’re not going to. You’re not going to die from being hungry for a few hours. And so sometimes it’s OK just to simply not eat. But if you’re one of those types of people who gets hungry and then you get cranky and you feel like you just need to eat or you’re going to devour an entire herd of cattle then. How does might be a good option to make sure that you can keep your blood levels constant and you don’t see that dip and you don’t see that dip emotionally psychologically mentally emotionally physically in any of those arenas. So another reason it would work for you. Boise Gym and then of course there is the fourth reason for people who really just can’t eat enough food or enough protein and they do need to add that in. But for your normal everyday average human being that is not the case most people get enough protein or at least can get enough protein if they just eat a little bit better and work on their nutrition instead of just going with the crutch of a protein powder. Now when you’re looking at protein powders it really is somewhat simple but it can be as complex as you want it. What we always recommend when it comes to what type of protein powder you want to be consuming. First and foremost you want to look look at the ingredients and make sure that it has as few ingredients as possible on there. Boise Gym Preferably five or less. So there’s one protein powder that we typically recommend and it’s called Whey stronger by Poliquin, hold on I’m just going to look it up here real quick. And I’ll tell you what’s in there but I think if I remember correctly it maybe has two or three ingredients in there. So they’re Whey stronger 2.0 vanilla formula has. Whey Protein isolate, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. So it has three ingredients in there and the soy lecithin typically you know that’s not something that people want to be consuming when it’s a soy product. But so the soy lecithin is a lipid. And it’s not the same as a protein. Soy proteins are a little bit different in terms of their size and how they’re ingested and what they what happens with isoflavones is that type stuff in our body and the way in which is in the protein powder there. So again three ingredients there. So you always want to look at and say OK great. How many ingredients are in here and do I know what those ingredients are. And the closer you can get it to a straight whey protein the better it is now. Like the Whey stronger has got the whey protein isolate in it. There’s also whey protein concentrate. And there’s other there’s a few other types. The isolate is a great option it just means it’s filtered down a little bit more. So it’s going to digest a little bit faster it’s actually going to be a more pure form of whey than if you go with the cheaper variation which is the way concentrate which is a mixture of whey proteins. So that’s what you want to look for when you’re looking for the type of protein powder that you want to be consuming or putting into your body. If you have any issues with things like. Sweeteners artificial sweeteners like xylitol those types of things. I was looking to make sure those are in there. I know for a lot of people like xylitol I can give them terrible gas and terrible stomach aches. And that is a common ingredient in a lot of supplements that helps to sweeten them a little bit. I always recommend as I’m sure you can imagine that you sweeten your protein with a little bit of natural fruit or something like that right. Mix it up with some fruit then you’re getting the fiber.
You’re getting a little bit of the sweetener from the natural fruit and you start training yourself not to like oversweet and or over stimulatory things. So the cleaner your protein the better off you’re going to be. Now when it comes to what type of protein in terms of should I eat way should be a big protein. Should I eat you know rice, pea, whatever it is. Boise Gym Well number one right off the bat obviously if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian any of these are going to work with the exception of they’re coming out with some new ones bone broth protein which if you’re not a vegetarian is a good option. They’re also coming out with actually like beef powdered protein that you can get at out Boise Gym. Pretty crazy there which again if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian are good options. Now if you are vegan or vegetarian again. All the other options are going to work for you if you’re vegan obviously you get to stay away from the way variations and the variations. But for everybody else who is not in that camp and is an omnivore and will eat anything then what I recommend and I recommend this for your vegan and vegetarians as well is that you mix up your sources of protein and your brands of protein. So protein when we’re allergic when we become allergic or intolerant to a food typically it’s the proteins in that food that are causing it like gluten for example as a protein. And so what you want to do is you want to make sure that you eat enough of a variation and you mix it up enough and you give enough space in between your consumption periods of each type of protein that you don’t end up with an intolerance or an allergy to those you know so maybe you get three to four different types of proteins you just rotate through those. Maybe get away protein maybe get a rise in a protein you want to get those and combine them together so that you get all the necessary amino acids and then maybe get an egg protein and then you just you know one day you take it away the next day maybe you take the egg and then the next day you take you know the the rice or rice and pea blend. And then also you just want to mix up the brands as well because they’re all sourced from a little different types of sources. So you want to mix that up. So that is a long description of the types of proteins and why you need to be eating them and why maybe it’s not the best option for you. But just to summarize the biggest and most important thing is should you actually be taking a protein supplement or is a better option just to really focus on your nutrition and eat good healthy whole foods in the proper quantities. For the majority of people that is the best option and you can save your money and put it into more quality supplements and more targeted supplements that you need than protein powders. Boise Gym For those of you that need protein powders again it’s going to be maybe you’re a high level competitive athlete a person that wants to gain some weight or if you really do just need to supplement with some protein to get through the day to make sure that you get a meal in. Then the things you want to look for in your protein supplement. Boise Gym If you want to make sure that there is this view a gradient as possible try and not consume too much artificial sweeteners if any at all. You know sweetened with real natural fruit in a blender. Boise Gym Then make sure that you get you know as good of quality of protein as you possibly can which this can be a little tricky to find out. But typically with protein as a general rule the more you pay the better quality you’re going to get. But do a little research here and figure out if it’s a good good source type of protein and where it’s coming from. You know like the way protein again from Whey stronger, I am not promoting this protein at all it just happens to be one that we recommend because of how clean it is. But it’s provided by milk from New Zealand and the New Zealand dairy cows are pesticide and chemical free. That’s where they graze on pastures that are chemicals and pesticide free and so is a really clean. And of course they don’t have the rGBH growth hormone as well. So you got to make sure that that’s good quality protein. So that’s really the summary for you. You want to make sure that you do these things and understand the ins and outs of protein powder. Don’t be susceptible to people selling you some miracle cure that’s not really a miracle. By and large try and get your proteins from natural whole nutritious foods in the proper portion sizes. Thank you. This has been the Kvell life podcast which is a Boise Gym.