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Boise Athlete Training | Don’t Waste Time

Boise Athlete Training | Don’t Waste Time

Why Don’t Old People Buy Green Bananas?
I once heard an older gal joke about not buying green bananas because she didn’t have time to wait for them to ripen.
Studies have shown that the older we get the happier we are because we care less about what people think and spend less time on things we don’t like.
We do this as we age because we’re literally running out of life-time.
Why not speed this process up? Boise Athlete Training
No matter how old you are you’re running out of life-time.
Why not take on the “Golden Years” mentality now?
How much time, attention, and life are you wasting on things that bring you no value?
Things like:
– Road Rage
– Being Slighted
– Things Not Going Your Way
– Passing of Loved Ones (older people get over people passing faster and easier than younger people do because they don’t have time to dwell on it)
– Holding Grudges Boise Athlete Training
The list goes on, but you get the point.
Going forward I hope when you say you don’t have time for something it’s something worth NOT having time for…
… instead of things worthy of your time…
… spending time with loved ones, taking care yourself, your wealth, and your health.
Make time for things that matter by eliminating time spent doing things that don’t.
Brett “Life-Time” Denton
You Don’t Have to Like Something to Derive Satisfaction From It
Few people “like” exercising yet nearly everybody finds satisfaction in it once completed.
This is true in nearly every endeavor that requires work.
Author Frank Norris is quoted as saying…
I write with great difficulty, but have managed somehow to accomplish 40 short stories (all published in fugitive fashion) and five novels within the last three years, and a lot of special unsigned articles….
… Don’t like to write, but like having written. Hate the effort of driving pen from line to line, work only three hours a day, but work every day.
Mr. Norris is far from the only author with similar sentiments towards their craft.
Yet, they all do it.
Why? Boise Athlete Training
The specific answer is different for everybody and what they all boil down to is satisfaction and fulfillment.
Writing, once completed, fulfills and satisfies something for the author.
Sounds a lot like exercise and taking care of your wellness, doesn’t it?
Dissecting Mr. Norris’ quote…
He writes every day. Boise Athlete Training
He writes for a short focused period.
He hates the effort and does it anyway.
He has written 40 short stories and 5 novels!
Frank has a system for fulfillment.
You don’t have to like the work to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Brett “I Don’t Like Doing, I Love Done” Denton
This is Supposed to Be Fun
Last week a Kvellian wore a T-shirt that said…
“This is supposed to be fun.”
The story was that his wife bought it for him on vacation because he was being a butt.
I wish we all wore this shirt every day!
We need this reminder often. Boise Athlete Training
Why not have fun?
Why not enjoy life to it’s fullest?
Why wallow in misery, hate, jealousy, anger, frustration, and despair when you can celebrate love, joy, success, freedom, and life?
If you take on the mission of making everything in life fun your quality of life will drastically improve.
Is it possible to make everything “fun?”
I don’t know and frankly, it doesn’t matter.
By focusing on making everything in life fun I guarantee you’ll have more fun and enjoy life more.
Brett “This is Supposed to Be Fun” Denton
“It’s What You Do in the Dark…”
“It’s what you do in the dark…
…that puts you in the light.” Boise Athlete Training
This quote ends an Under Armour commercial featuring Michael Phelps preparing for the Olympics.
The majority of your life is “in the dark.”
What are you doing when nobody’s watching?
What choice do you make when your alarm goes off on a cold dreary morning?
What you do in the dark will make or break you.
Champions are made long before they step into the game.
Brett “Put in the Work” Denton