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Best Gym in Eagle | Do You Like Us Because We Have a Mascot?

Kvell has a mascot. We just figured out what Kvell’s mascot is a honey badger. Honey badgers are relentless. Honey badgers get things done when they want to do it. Kvell as the best gym in Eagle because we have a mascot. We have a mascot because we want you to think of yourself as a honey badger sometimes. Honey badgers are great. Honey badgers are kind of mean and fun. They get what they want and that’s what we want you to have a mindset of. If you go out and want to get fit then you will get fit. Honey badgers are full of energy and don’t really care what other people think and that’s exactly what Kvell. Be careful you guys the clients think. To learn more about us visit our website at www.kvellfit.com or give us a call at 208-863-8072. 

We don’t want you to care what anyone else thinks. If you want to get fit and go for it. If you want to get strong and go for it. We’re going to have the honey badger on the wall paint on the wall so you can go and take pictures with it. This will be a funnel statement piece. And having a mascot of something cool. Kvell has honey badgers having a mascot comes with a lot of responsibilities. We make sure we don’t overdo it with the mascot. And we also want to make sure we have fun with it. We might make shirts with the honey badgers on it and said of Kvell 3D cash giveaway. Then we will name it something like honey badger something.

The 3D cash giveaway is a price system a prize giveaway where we give away $750 for anyone that came to 12 or more sessions. You’ll be entered to win $700 and I can either go towards your membership or can be straight Hard Cash. Kvell as the best gym in Eagle because this is a good way to get people in the door. Laws about should an eagle because we have a mascot. We have mascot me up wonderful green and black colors. Green and black means that it will be full of energy and we are not intimidating we are a fun gym. Green and black and having a honey badger as a mascot can be kind of intimidating but just know that we are not intimidating at all. This is the least intimidating gym in the area.

Kvell is the most inclusive gym in the area. We have people of all ages. People of all fitness levels. We have all kinds of people at Kvell. We want everyone to be able to fit in and have a good time working out here. There will be all kinds of people working out at Kvell. We include three different levels so no matter what your Fitness level is everyone could work out at the same time. We do this because we want everyone at Kvell. We want everyone to feel welcome and appreciated at Kvell. Honey badgers are good at this. Honey badgers are something unique and Kvell is unique to the town.

You won’t see many honey badgers as a mascot. And there is a reason for that. There’s a reason for that because honey badgers are unique. Honey badgers are extremely unique and different from a lot of other animals. You won’t see Cabela’s not just a place where a tiger or a lion or something like that would be. You would see those at normal gyms. But Kvell is not normal. Kvell is different than anything else in the area. Kvell is the best gym in Eagle because you have a mascot and because we’re unique. Play more basketball visit our website at www.kvellfit.com or give us a call at 208-863-8072 to get started today.