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10 Ways to Stall Success By Avoiding a Boise Gym

Practice Podcast #3 – 10 Ways to Stall Success.mp3


[00:00:01] This is the kvell life boise gym podcast where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and lifestyle. My name is Bret didn’t and today we’re talking about the 10 ways for you to stall success. Let’s jump right in and let’s get after it. So number one education with out and bla mentation you’re going to see this one fairly frequently. People tend to like to read books. They like to watch things. They like to buy products they like to listen to gurus they like to go to school. They like to do everything except for actually implement what it is that they’re learning.


[00:00:45] This is why you will see people go and get multiple degrees year after year. This is why you’ll see people with libraries full of informational products and books. This is why you will see people going to seminar after seminar after workshop to no avail.


[00:01:02] These people don’t make more money. They don’t lose weight even if they go to a boise gym.


[00:01:06] They don’t do anything there’s going to move them along the path to achieving the results that they’re learning about. Not that there’s anything wrong with the books or the seminars or the gurus or any of the information that they’re getting. In fact many times the information is good. The problem is with the infinite implementation. All right most people are not good implementers but they’re very good at buying products and fulfilling the need of themselves getting better by simply going out and spending money on things that give them information.


[00:01:41] In fact Albert Einstein said the only source of knowledge is experience so let’s get out there and let’s start experiencing life started experiencing the transformation that started experiencing that change will start implementing the things that we already know. Before we spend another dime or another dollar on a new product on a new book or something else that we’re not going to implement.


[00:02:04] So number one education without implementation if you want to store your success make sure that you are buying as many things as possible. And not implementing them. Number two following fads. This is especially true in the fitness industry.


[00:02:22] People follow program after program after program with no results because they’re simply jumping from program after program after program they’re following the latest fad. This week it’s CrossFit next week it’s orange boise gym. Next week it’s rhumba next week it’s platies next week it’s peer bar. Next week it’s high intensity training at a boise gym. Next week it’s blah blah blah blah blah. We


[00:02:42] got to stop jumping from fad to fad. It is not about jumping from fad to fad it’s about finding a program that works that covers all the basics that get you where you want to go.


[00:02:53] This is true when it comes to money. It is true when it comes to fitness. This is true when it comes to nutrition. This is true when it comes to relationships. This is true no matter what you’re doing stop following the fads and find the basics that work.


[00:03:05] Follow the basics and do not deviate from them until success. Number three. Lack of consistency at a boise gym And this one kind of goes along with the whole following of the fads. People just are not consistent. And so if you want to stall your progress don’t be consistent. This is seen many times in the real estate industry where it’s boom or bust right. You have an agent who will sell a house that will take a month off and then they’ll have to get back after it again and they’ll sell a house and they’ll take you know two months off. You see it over and over again the same and fitness you lose a few pounds 10 and 20 pounds all of a sudden you start to back off and you’re no longer being consistent in the things that got you there in the first place. Also when the weight starts coming back on you repeat the cycle again and again and again. Again this how the finance happens if it happens in just happens in everything we do. So you have to make sure that you are saying consistent when you find something that works you consistently and relentlessly implement that thing day after day after day after week after week after month after month after year after year just implement. Implement. Implement consistency is the key. Doesn’t have to be major but it has to be consistent. Once you get consistent then you can slowly inch up you know the amount of work that you’re doing other things are doing but you have to get consistent first.


[00:04:27] So number four Sorry number three.


[00:04:30] Lack of consistency is a great way to stall your progress. Number four skipping the basics.


[00:04:35] You know a lot of people think that they’re all of a sudden a master because they read a few things online but they’ve never actually done anything. And so they skip all the basics they don’t get the basics done right the first time. They don’t master the basics. So a really good way to stall your progress is to just skip the basics. Think you already have a down to think you’re above that right no matter what you’re doing you have got to master the basics when it comes to fat loss or fitness. You have to master the basics of getting your body strong and in and in a state that it is able to handle more advanced types of movements more advanced types of workouts Otherwise you end up injured or at minimum you aren’t getting the max benefit out of the movements that you’re doing because you can actually do them correctly. When it comes to finance if you don’t know how to balance your checkbook if you don’t know how to set a budget you don’t know how to do these basic things then making more money isn’t going to do you any good because it’s just going to go out the window. Right. So we have to master the basics. So again another issue with or another way for you to stall your progress is to just kind of skip over the basics and think you’re too good for it. John Wooden in fact said champions are brilliant at the basics. And I know that some of the best coaches in history including John Wooden did the basics every single year with every single team no matter what.


[00:05:59] I know John wouldn’t I heard a story about teaching people how to put their socks on correctly. Right so basics basics basics. Number five is everybody’s trying to make things more complicated than they need to be at a boise gym.


[00:06:15] So if you really want to slow your progress if you really want to make sure that you’re just you know inching along just barely just barely get. Make everything as complex as possible make the system that you need to get the results that you’re after just as complex as you possibly can. You know spreadsheets a billion different steps make a super complex and this is what people like to do. They look like to make everything complex the more complex something is of course the harder it is to actually get it done the harder it is to mentally physically focus on it because there are so many different steps and so many different components. If you want to stop your progress make think super super complex. Number six the number six way to store your success or your progress is to not have any patience right. If you don’t have patience and you just want to jump here and there and there and here and there and here and you just you never get anywhere because you’re too busy jumping from thing to thing because you don’t have enough patience to wait around and let the thing work right.


[00:07:16] It takes a while for the world to catch up.


[00:07:19] So you might do something today and it maybe takes a week or a month or a year or a few years for it to catch up with our boise gym.


[00:07:25] This is especially true when you get to be consistent when you’re consistent you have to have patience because you’re consistently doing the same thing you’re consistently doing it day after day and it doesn’t always happen overnight. RAZ You consistently have to do that thing for a long period of time and you combine that with the ability to be patient and all of a sudden you know five 10 15 20 years down the line after you’ve been consistent patient then that’s when it starts to pay off. So if you want to slow your progress if you want to stall your success then by all means DO NOT BE PATIENT. Simply jump from one thing to the next thing to the next thing because you don’t have the patience to stick around and wait it out.


[00:08:05] Number seven not finding what works for you but instead following everybody else. Right now it’s good to learn from other people it’s good to learn from people who have been where you are but their circumstances are different. They’re different their skill sets different their lifes different their scenarios different their environments different. So you want to. This is a quote from Bruce Lee. And you know absorb what is useful and discard what is not. You know I don’t know if that’s a bastardized that quotes are about that Bruce Lee but you know the point is still there you want to take what’s useful from these people learn from these people who’ve done it before use what’s going to work for you but get rid of the rest. Right just because that specific thing worked for them doesn’t mean that every single piece of that is going to work exactly the same for you. And it’s actually a higher likelihood that it’s not than that it is to make sure that you absorb. In other words you use what is useful from what you learn from other people who have been successful in the area you want to be successful in and then just get rid of the rest of it. Right you don’t.


[00:09:06] You don’t need it if it’s not going to work for you at a boise gym. So again finding a great way to study progress is not finding what works for you and instead just following exactly what everybody else is doing.


[00:09:19] Now we’re getting bored right when you go back to consistency it’s like oh my god I’m going to do this again today. You know every day you got to do the same thing. Boom. Consistency. Consistency. So let’s take like eating like every day. You know body those are great example of this right. Everyday chicken they’re eating broccoli. They’re eating sweet potatoes. They’re not putting much on there. They’re not seasoning it or not there’s an Doing things are exciting right.


[00:09:44] Every day. Chicken. Broccoli. Sweet potatoes. Monday chicken broccoli so it is Tuesday. GIGOT broccoli.


[00:09:52] Sweep it is Wednesday chicken. Sweet potatoes. On and on and on and on to other competition right now. Very few people in the world who are willing to do that because they get bored of those foods and they’re not going to put up with that type of an eating regimen. Same thing with the people who make the most money in the world. Right it’s consistency every single day. They’re going to work and they’re doing the things or you know money they’re generating leads they’re closing leads and they’re delivering a service they’re generating leads closing leads and then delivering a service they’re generating leads to closing leads and then delivering a service again and again and again day after day after day they don’t get bored they just keep doing it. So if you want to stop your progress you want to stall your success just get bored with everything. Number nine thinking you’re advanced or better than you really are. Right now I’m sure you’re great but you’re not advanced until you’re advanced boise gym.


[00:10:46] And you’re not better than anybody else is starting out right you still have to learn the basics. You still have to actually put in the work. You still have to master it before you become somebody who is advanced.


[00:10:59] Right. Time and time again especially in the fitness industry you will have people come in to the gym and they will start on a level 3 movement and although they may be able to do a level 3 movement that doesn’t mean that they should be doing a level 3 movement. You know it’s just like my wife always says just because you should. I mean just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


[00:11:19] And this is the case here is somebody who can somebody who is actually like level three in the fitness arena is going to be far more out of that level three movement than somebody who is a level 1 and shouldn’t ever even be attempting that level three movement correctly or Yet that’s because a level three person can do it correctly. Therefore they’re getting max benefit out of it. Therefore that movement is actually working for that person the way that it should. Whereas the level three or so of the level one person might be able to do that movement but they’re not doing it correctly. They’re not activating their musculature correctly. They’re not doing the posture correctly therefore they’re not getting the max benefit out of that movement.


[00:11:57] In fact they would get far more out of level 1 movement or even a level 2 movement because that’s a movement that’s really going to challenge them in the muscular musculature that they need to be challenged in. Whereas the level 3 movement isn’t she got to make sure you have to make sure that you’re not doing things that are at advanced level when you are not advanced even if you can do those movements.


[00:12:22] And then number 10 is quite simply a lack of practice people don’t understand that everything if you want to be good at it if you want to master it takes practice and practice it again and again and again if you want to be good at sales you got to practice.


[00:12:41] And I’m not talking about like getting in front of a live customer and selling them talking about practicing with them with like roleplaying or practicing by yourself is the same with some of them almost all of the top motivational speakers or speakers in general practice. Right now there are some that don’t but most of them practice because they know that practice is going to make them good when they get on the stage. Gay sports athletes right. They practice. Everybody has to practice if you want to get good at a skill you have to practice and you have to practice with purpose.


[00:13:17] And I think it was you know made popular in Malcolm Gladwell book Outliers I believe you know the 10000 hour rule which since has been disproved but it’s nevertheless still valid. You still have to practice again and again and again you still have to be purposeful in your practice if you want to be good and if you want to master and so that’s what you want to look at if you really really want to stall you progress those 10 things the things you want to make sure that you do.


[00:13:43] So number one just for a recap make sure that you buy everything that you possibly can and either don’t read it at all or definitely don’t implement it. You get education without implementation. It’s a perfect way to establish access. Number two follow every boise gym Fad you possibly can never stick with anything too long. Any fad that comes up do that. Number three do not be consistent. Whatever you do do not be consistent. Consistency will kill your ability to not be successful. Number four. Skip the basics. Nobody needs those anyway. Skip the basics. Go right to the advanced stuff. You don’t need to learn the basics the basics for beginners anyways. Although you are a beginner that doesn’t matter. You know skip the basics. Number 5 Make everything as complex as possible. You want to make it so complex that your mind just almost explodes when you look at it. Number six have no patience no patience with her before anything just you know just totally be belligerent when it comes to patience. Number 7 don’t find what works for you. Just copy whatever somebody else is doing. Copy it to a T No matter if their life situation fits you or not just copy it to a T No matter what. Don’t find what works for you. That would be ridiculous. That would make sure that you were successful so you definitely don’t want to do that. Number 8 get bored with everything. Just be bored just one day. Oh my god board. I just can’t stand it so boring just get bored with everything.


[00:15:07] No I think you’re advanced when in reality you are not and think that you’re like really good when you’re out of you’re just starting out.


[00:15:15] Just think that to the core and just make sure that you just make everybody know that you’re advanced boise gym user and you’re better than them.


[00:15:21] Then you don’t need this basic stuff you don’t need any of the training you don’t need and then never attend. Just have a total lack of practice. Just never practice. Always go out there you know step on the gain field just play your know. Never practice would be ridiculous. Now on the other hand if you want to be successful do the exact opposite all these do the exact opposite all these and you’ll have a very good chance of success to get.


[00:15:46] This is the Covelli live podcast where we strive to bring. HAPPY AND PROUD to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition mindset and boise gym lifestyle.


[00:15:55] My name is Brett Denton and I hope you are happy and proud.