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10 Reasons to Workout at A Boise Gym

Practice Podcast #7 – 10 Reasons to Workout.mp3


[00:00:01] This is the kvell life boise gym podcast where we strive to bring happy and proud to the world with the tools of fitness nutrition and mindset. My name is Brett Denton from your local boise gym and today we’re going to talk about the 10 reasons to workout. Now these aren’t the only 10 Reasons to work out. These are just some of the 10 reasons to workout out so don’t take these as the only reasons to work out because quite frankly there are far more than 10. But let’s dig right in. Number one is blatantly obvious and it really is because it’s good for you. All right well let’s dig into that a little bit like why is it good for you what’s good for you and what are the benefits of working out. So number one benefit of working out and being good for you is the fact that it’s actually good for your heart. It’s good for your lungs it’s good for your cardio respiratory system and this doesn’t really matter the type of working that you’re doing anything that you’re doing that’s making you breathe harder and making your heart beat faster to a certain point is going to be good for your cardiovascular system. So this could be walking. This can be running this can be jogging this could be lifting weights. This could be a high intensity interval boise gym training session. It can be any of those things it’s going to get the heart rate up and it’s going to get you breathing harder. This is going to make your heart stronger and it’s going to make your lungs stronger.


[00:01:20] Now where we get into trouble is with things like the ultra runners or marathoners or people who are pushing their cardiovascular system to the max all the time. And recent studies and research are showing that these people actually may appear healthy but actually are causing damage to their heart because they are either working it too hard for too long or they are making it too large.


[00:01:48] Both issues are not something that we want to look at when we’re looking at long term health and longevity at a boise gym.


[00:01:54] One of the things that people misunderstand sometimes is just because somebody is able to do something in the fitness realm. So in other words let’s take CrossFit for example. They are very fit to that person in this CrossFit sport is very able to do things like lift heavy weights and short amounts of time do a ton of chin ups run. Do all of these things that are pushing their body to the max. But then you look at well are these things really healthy for them long term. And you can look at that and say probably not pushing your body to the max is probably not healthy long term for your joints for your heart for your lungs for all of those different areas. And this is true of any sport. Right. This is true in football. This is true in longers racing sports like cycling and running.


[00:02:41] And this is also true in weightlifting sports like bodybuilding powerlifting and CrossFit. So you just want to be careful on picking the type of work out that you’re doing. And if your goal is long term health and longevity then you want to make sure that you’re picking a sport or a workout that is not going to push you too far over the brink for too long. How else is it good for you. Well quite frankly it’s going to help you drop fat and gain lean muscle and by dropping fat and gaining lean muscle at a boise gym you’re going to have a more efficient and healthier body right less body fat. We have to a certain point the more mobile we’re going to be and the less that our body has to carry around. And so the less stress is put on the body and the counter to fat is of course your lean mass which is predominantly muscle bone and organs. And so the more you know bone mass you have and the more lean muscle you have the more metabolic your body is and therefore the more active it is and the healthier it’s going to be. And again this is to a certain extent Rantz if you look at bodybuilders you have an extreme amount of muscle mass. They’re probably not going to have the best longevity ever at a boise gym because they’re putting such a drain on their body. Right. They’re putting a drain on their digestive system by having eat the food to sustain that much muscle mass.


[00:04:00] Their heart is having to pump blood to all of those muscles on a continuous basis which is making their heart work harder than it should. Their lungs have to continue to bring in enough oxygen to make sure that those muscles stay oxygenated the joints have to hold up all that weight. So whether that weight is fat or muscle your joints and your bone structure still have to hold it up. So we’re going to be some wear and tear associated with that. So you know the lean mass is good up to a certain point. And then of course you know you got your hormonal responses from lifting weights and working out. You know you you want to make sure the human body is designed to move. We’re designed to do work are designed to you know walk and lift weights and do those types of things. And so when we don’t get that typically our hormones will not be optimized it will not have the right amount of testosterone estrogen and all of the precursors and other hormones that are associated with optimal health. And so working out helps to balance those out and make sure that we have the moans that are going to make us feel young make us have the energy we want and ensure that we have the motivation we want an outlook on life that we would like to have make sure that our libido is where it needs to be. And so those are three main things that lifting weights and are working out is going to help you when it comes to being good for you. And then the second reason to work out at a boise gym is you know you get a chance to take your aggression out right now.


[00:05:29] If you are the small minority of people who are able to handle any type of anger or frustration.


[00:05:36] Cool and calm that you know this one might not appeal to you much don’t worry. The other ones will. But if you’re a type A personality. Working out is a tremendous way for you to burn off some steam for you to get your aggression out for you to get your frustration out because it’s healthy for you.


[00:05:52] And afterwards you feel like a million bucks and you can go and have that conversation with whoever it is without feeling like you want to you know rip half right to get your aggression out on the weights or in some type of a workout. It’s going to get all of that anger and rage and frustration out before you go in and hurt something or damage a relationship.


[00:06:14] The third reason to work out is you can learn new skills. Right. Like there is no there is almost limitless when it comes to the skills that you can learn from working out. Number one you need to learn how to use your body. You need to learn how to use your body in space. That’s number one. A lot of people don’t know how to do this or at once you did know how to do it from the sport you play and you haven’t played any for so long that you kind of forgot how to use your body in space. And then there are countless types of exercises and movements and in ways of working out for you to learn new things right. You can go platies route you can learn yoga you can do high intensity interval training. You can do straight weightlifting. You can start to run. You can do. You can do. What do they got the guy surfing classes now. Indoor surfing classes you got cycling classes you just got just on limited amounts of types of things that you can learn. And this is all good for your brain as well as your body. Right.


[00:07:08] So one of the benefits of working out that people don’t seem to understand is you know learning new things is good for your brain and working out and getting the hormones where they need to be as good for your brain. Number four you’ll become more athletic and becoming more athletic is just good in general because you’re a human being.


[00:07:29] All right so the more athletic you come the better become the more you’re going to be able to go out and do things that you want to do or that your friends are doing or just your average everyday life things. You know walking to the store carrying your groceries in playing with your kids going on a hike going on a bike ride you’re going to be more athletic and so you’re going to feel better and more confident in doing those activities than you would otherwise. Right. For people who are out of shape and who don’t work out they feel terrible doing those activities.


[00:07:58] They feel unathletic they feel like they’re not. They can’t balance themselves at a boise gym. They don’t feel like doing these things and so you know it’s a it’s a negative cycle. And the more they don’t work out the more they don’t do these activities in the worse and worse it gets. Number five life will get easier. And this goes a little along a little bit with being more athletic.


[00:08:21] But everything in life gets easier when you’re stronger and you’re in shape. You know you can think more clearly. You can do physical activities easier things like opening the doors getting into cars walking up stairs carrying boxes carrying groceries into the house like everything becomes easier at a boise gym. You can move your body easier so it doesn’t take as much energy. So you have more energy to use for critical thinking creativity for your work. Just everything becomes easier the more in shape you get. And so you know you work out you’re going to get in better shape your entire life is going to become easier from it. Number 6 Your body will change for the better. And so your bodies are transforming you know and we mentioned a little bit earlier about the body composition of you know lean mass vs body fat mass and your body is going to start to shift right you’re going you start to get muscles musculature that is going to make you more attractive. Number one but it’s also going to again make you stronger and better at things in life right to your clothes might start fitting a little differently your waist is going to shrink your shoulders are going to get a little bit bigger your glutes are going to get a little bigger your thighs and quads are going to get a lot bigger. Hamstrings are going to get a little bit bigger so you’re going to start having more athletic aesthetic look about you you can start dropping body fat by dropping body fat. You’re going to need less energy to get yourself around.


[00:09:49] So get yourself off the couch and walk around and move around. You’re also going have better mobility. So one of the biggest reasons that people have poor mobility is quite frankly because they have too much body fat in the way for their joints to function correctly. And so once you get rid of a lot of that fat typically your mobility increases even if you don’t increase any of your flexibility. So one of the biggest ways for you to increase mobility and that your ability to move throughout a range of motion in any of your joints. The better that you’re going to feel. Number Seven your attitude and emotional well-being is going to improve. Right. So you’re going to start feeling better about yourself are going to start feeling more accomplished. You know whenever you start to do something that is hard like working out and you do it in a consistent way you just quite simply feel more confident about yourself and so you go about your day a lot differently than if you’re not doing something like that. Now let’s look at the physiological changes in the biochemistry. Right. So your brain is going to start to really feel good hormones and it’s going to start to handle the you know more depressing type of hormones in a different way. And so you’re going to just altogether start feeling better because your brain is starting to get what it needs and your body is going to start to release things that just make you have an overall better outlook on life and better emotional state.


[00:11:10] You’re going to be able to improve your grit your self determination and your work ethic working out as you said earlier is not necessarily an easy thing. And the first step is just doing it over and over and over again. And consistency is so important. And if you can get consistent with working out it’s much easier to get consistent with some of the other things in life like working on new projects starting a business you know working on a relationship because working out is one of the most difficult things to do on a consistent basis. And it’s hard. So during the work out you’re going to be able to push yourself in ways beyond your current comfort zone and you can continue to do that. There’s no end in sight there. You just continue to push past your comfort zone which is going to increase your grit and it’s going to increase your ability to put up with things that are hard and get through things that are hard and continue when things get hard. And this is a great way for you to push yourself and develop that skill of really managing your emotions when things are hard. And so then when you get into your life whether this be your business or your relationship your financial situation and things get hard you can pull on the skills that you learned while working out and be able to get through those hard situations of those difficult situations and much easier than you would be able to otherwise.


[00:12:33] Number nine your it you know your confidence is going to increase markedly. Right. There’s several reasons for this.


[00:12:40] Number one your confidence is going to increase because you’re doing something that is good for you like going to a boise gym. And you know it’s good for you therefore your coffee is going to increase just simply because of that. Number two your confidence is going to increase because your body’s going to start looking different. Your clothes are going to start looking different and people are going to start noticing how you’re looking different. This is going to boost your confidence immensely. And then you know Number three you’re going to boost your confidence because you’re actually going to be in better shape right. You’re going to be stronger you’re going to be able to do more things you’re going to feel more athletic. And so your confidence isn’t going to improve quite frankly because you’re better at life in general right. You can do things better. You have a better energy about you your stronger health your health is stronger your fitness is stronger you know so your confidence is going to improve quite some of it because you’re improving and then you know the tenth reason to do it is social. Right. I mean you can gain a ton of new friends through working out whether that be through online forums or hopefully in person as well. You know it’s great to get a workout partner that you can really trust and believe in and who you can count on. And and you can build a bunch of social bonds through working out.


[00:13:54] And this is you know dependent on the type of workouts you’re doing you can get you know friends in the platies community you can get friends in the yoga community and your friends in the weightlifting community you can get friends and the CrossFit communities you know so the social aspect of working out is often overlooked and undervalued. And it is a huge reason for you to get working out in a gym instead of just on yourself aren’t by yourself by yourself is fine as well. But there is that huge social part of it that that is just immense when it comes to long term quality of life and longevity. So those are the 10 reasons why you should work out again just to summarize real quick one quite frankly it’s good for you. Number two you can take your aggression out. Number three you can learn new skills. Number four you’ll become more athletic. Number five life will get easier. Number 6 Your body will change for the better. Number Seven your attitude and emotional well-being will improve.


[00:14:56] Number 8 your grit determination and motivation will improve. Number nine your confidence will increase immensely at a boise gym.


[00:15:05] And number 10 the social aspect of it you will gain more friends. This is Brett dentin with that Cavell life podcast today. I hope you are happy and proud.