If you were to ask my boys…

“Denton boys what are the three things you need to do every day?”

They would reply…

“Get stronger, kinder, and smarter. (they may also add “fill somebody’s bucket“).

Are you getting stronger, kinder, and smarter every day?

I will give you an example of how I do it.

‚ÄčEvery day I do something to move/exercise my body. I also like to make my brain stronger by continually working on discipline and doing things that force me out of my comfort zone, but I wouldn’t say I hit my goal of doing this every day.

‚ÄčEvery day I help somebody. Some examples are random acts of kindness, writing a positive review for a business or person, mentoring, and donating to non-profits.

‚ÄčEvery day I read something, listen to something, or talk with somebody that I will learn from.

1% better every day is all you need to have an extraordinary life.

For extra credit add to this list wealthier and find a way to make and save more money every day. Again, 1% better every day will usually do the trick.

Brett “EDD (Every Damn Day)” Denton