You graduate from high school, CONGRATULATIONS, now what?

You go to college, YAY YOU, what’s next?

You get hired, YIPPEE, then what?

You sign up for a workout program, FIRST STEP DONE, what’s next?

You buy a course that’s going to ensure financial freedom, RELIEF AT LAST, what happens next?

There’s an initial feeling of relief, excitement, and accomplishment that accompanies anything that feels like forward progress, but the important step, the step that few people take is the next step.

When I was playing soccer my coach drilled into my head that the best time to score is right after the other team scores because they lose focus.

This is what happens when we buy a book, sign up for a new program, or graduate.

We lose focus at the exact time that we should be increasing our focus.

This is when the work begins.

The work is what’s hard about books, you have to read them to get the knowledge out of them.

The work is what makes fitness and health hard, you have to move your body and eat healthy day in and day out to reap the benefits.

The work is the hard part about work, you have to work to get the rewards.

No matter what you’ve accomplished there’s always more work to do.

When you come to terms with this, accept it, and understand this principle you will be well on your way to a fulfilling and successful life.

No matter what you just accomplished, where you’re trying to go, or what you are trying to do wherever you are in the process remember…

“…and now the work begins.”

Brett “Work It” Denton