What is going on in the world is absurd.  We have politicians acting like health professionals, health professionals acting like politicians, and business tycoons being business tycoons under the guise of helping…plus gobs and GOBS of money, power, and fear feeding the frenzy.  So, how are we normal humans without the power, the money, or the knowledge to deal with it?  One word, think.

Think for yourself.  Do your due diligence.  Take NOBODY’s word for it.  In any circumstance where things are getting out of hand, we must think for ourselves and resist the urge of groupthink.  We must look at all sides of the equation and take into consideration all opinions even those directly opposed to our current stance, because who knows we may be wrong or at least the other side may be partly right.  Be wary of hanging on too tightly to your own beliefs as we are often wrong. (Why you think you’re right, even when you’re wrong)

What is going on right now is changing our world and has far-reaching consequences.  We as individuals need to wake up and think hard about the type of world we want to live and ensure that the choices we are making today are congruent with that vision.  Through conflict comes the solution. 

In the chaos, it is the people who are the most calm and collected that know something you don’t.  It is these same people who have spent the time to think through the different scenarios and have a plan.  Do your best to ensure you are one of these people because you never know what the other people are thinking and where they plan on taking you.  

Amongst the chaos remain vigilant, willful, and composed.  Do not let fear, anger, or hatred take root and instead use the tools and power of knowledge, love, and compassion to find and lead the way out.