There I was knocking out my hotel workout by myself in the little hotel gym that is more like a prison cell with weights and cardio equipment.

I was three sets in, the weight was getting heavy, my heart was pounding in my ears to let me know I was still alive, and some of those pesky thoughts started creeping in.  You know those thoughts, right?

“You are good, you did three solid sets (even though two of them were warm-up sets).  You did better than most of the population today.  Get on with your day.  You have other things to do.”

Then I looked up to see a quote “magically” appear on the mirror as I was admiring my biceps…

“Act now, feel good later.”

Obviously the quote wasn’t magical, but I was ready to receive it then and not earlier.

Ah, hotel cubicle gym mirror you got me…two more sets plus a few extra reps on the last set it is.

Boom.  I knocked it.

This is how most things in life are.

First, you must act now and reap the rewards later.  (In some cases, inaction is the correct action.)

Second, going getting extra reps and sets is nearly always exponential rewarding in multiple realms.

Third, although motivation and inspiration are weak relative to systems they do play an important role.  Thus ensure you have plenty of motivation and inspiration strategically placed (like the mirror in the hotel gym) to keep you in action when the tetanus of life starts to creep in.  Motivation and inspiration often provide the little nudges we need to get over the humps, bumps, and rough spots.

Get into action today and you will feel better tomorrow.

Brett “Action Hero” Denton