Try to remember the first time you drank wine, or beer, or any alcoholic beverage that was not sugar-laden.  Did you like it?  I doubt it.  Most people do not like the taste of alcohol the first few times they drink it (it is a poison after all).  People say it is an “acquired taste”.

But why would you want to acquire that taste?  What is the benefit other than social lubricant or an escape from reality or a “stress” reducer?  Now, before you stop reading I am not going to go on an anti-alcohol tirade (although I could easily do so).  

No, instead I want you to think of all of the things that would be beneficial to you if you just acquired the taste of them by taking sip after sip of them.

Things like…

– Saving money instead of spending it
– Eating more vegetables than other food groups
– Exercising

These are just examples.  What potentially beneficial things in life have you not taken the necessary “sips” to acquire?  On the flips side what things have you sipped a few too many times that are detrimental to an optimal life?

Maybe it is time to put one goblet down and start sipping from another?