I was talking to a fellow business owner yesterday and they said their business is doing great, busiest they have been.  The coronavirus has been a boon for some industries and the grim reaper for others.   I am a gym owner and thus fall into the latter category of the two, but…

…there is a silver lining, I think.

Although I have been working full time plus providing virtual workouts and planning for the future the change from the normal daily grind of running the business has allowed me space and time to “pause” and think.  Think about how we are doing things.  Think about what I want.  Think about how the business is structured.  Think about the bigger picture and the smaller picture instead of the day to day “just get it done”.

In the end, things may or may not change, but thinking is the important part.  My work hours have not shortened and in fact maybe even have been extended but it is the change in routine that has prompted the thinking.  This change in routine or a “pause” in the normal status quo has me looking at things differently than I did before.  

Mass disruption provides an impetus to contemplate and think if the path you are on and the way you are doing this is the optimal path and way of doing things.  Amidst all the chaos and unknown there are gems of wisdom to be found when you mine for them.