What’s more important…

A.  Planning for and thinking about the championship

B.  Planning for and thinking about the next game

There is no answer C in this scenario as that would make the question too simple and prevent you from having to think.

Let’s dissect answer A. (Championship focus)


– Provides a structure that allows for and demands patience.
– Prevents getting lost in the weeds.
– Focused mindset on the ultimate goal.


– Diverts focus from here and now.
– Allows for small yet important things to fall through the cracks.
– Allows for complacency and no immediate wins
– Saps motivation without repaying it

Now, let’s look at answer B. (Next Game Focus)


– Focus like a laser on the next step
– Immediate feedback and wins
– Motivation can stay high
– Fends off complacency


– Lose track of the ultimate goal
– Leads to burnout
– Leads to impatience

This is not an exhaustive list of positives and pitfalls yet it gives us a good look at the differences.

So, what’s the best answer A or B?

Let’s discuss.

Send me a reply with your answer and why.

Brett “Short or Long Game” Denton