The question I tasked you with pondering:

What’s more important…

A.  Planning for and thinking about the championship

B.  Planning for and thinking about the next game

There is no answer C in this scenario as that would make the question too simple and prevent you from having to think.

Here are a handful of the replies…

For this stage in my life. 

I’ve spent a lot of time doing A and I get dreamy in the head and I love it there. But I don’t get results most of the time.

B is not what I gravitate towards, but I think I’m built better for it. I can put on my shoes and do B now. That will lead to another B, and then another, until finally I’m doing A. 

Really I’m better at doing B, but I need someone to remind me of A to keep me on track.”


“Really, you need focus on both A and B. However, if I can only choose one, it would be A, long term benefits.

B is instant gratification”


“First I was going to say B, small steps, keep you focused, you can’t get to the championship unless you make every step on the ladder.  The way you describe A, I now say it’s a balance, set your sights, but taking care of the little things that will get you there.


My thoughts…
If you spend your physical efforts and mental energy focused solely on reaching a competitive goal only one person or team will ultimately achieve, you set yourself up for disappointment on failure to deliver. It’s reasonable for a professional sports team or individual to have this mindset because that is their job and they have done the important things along the way. But any other person or group should focus on the important day to day things for immediate success and confidence.

Thanks for the thoughtful responses.

Understanding and implementing this principle is often the difference between success and failure.

Tomorrow, I will elaborate. 

Brett “A or B” Denton