When John C. Maxwell, named the No. 1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. Magazine, was asked how he find time to write 84 books while running 7 companies, he replied…

“…I am very intentional. Every day I do five things. Every day I read. Every day I think. Every day I file. Every day I ask quesitons. And every day I write…and I prefer to write in the morning, although I don’t always get to do this, but my preference is writing in the morning…ohhhh so 4:00 to 5:00 in the morning.”

Bottom line, he works for it and finds ways to make what he wants to happen, happen.

How do fit people get and stay fit? They carve out time in their schedule to workout. This principle is true for every area of life.

You must orient your life and carve out time to do the things necessary for the life you desire. If you do not you will be sorely disappointed in the results. Nobody said this thing was going to be easy.

Steve Siebold, the author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class and world-class speaker on Mental Toughness was whining to his mentor about how hard it was to become a world-class speaker and his mentor replied…

“Did you think it was going to be easy to become world-class? It ain’t easy Steve and you are going to have to grow-up if you want to make it.”

Here is an excerpt from Steve himself out of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

“Professional performers grow up and discover that nothing good comes easy, and if it did, we probably wouldn’t appreciate its true value. The great ones expect to fight for what they want, so when they hit the inevitable obstacles along the way, they are neither surprised nor intimidated. It all begins with their decision to grow up.”

No matter how old we are I think we all can stand to “grow-up” a little in at least one area of life (hint it’s the areas you find yourself whining or complaining). Grow up and carve out time to make what you want your life to be, be.