Transformation Experiments | Week 7

When I said I would write a short blog documenting my 12-week personal challenge, I expected that I would be writing more about the types of workouts I was doing, food journals, and daily healthy choices. What I wasn’t expecting was how simple and easy the changes in my nutrition would be and how the hard work and personal challenge would be a more spiritual journey.

This week has been tough. I have had to deal with some personal trauma (for lack of a better word) and I could feel it physically affecting me. I had less energy and my body ached. I wanted to turn to comfort food. I wanted to stay in bed. I had back pain. I felt sad. But, because I’ve made a promise to myself, I made it to every workout and I followed my nutrition plan. Because I did stay the course, I was able to really feel what was going on with me emotionally. I was able to understand that the emotions I was having was directly related and causing me physical pain. I could physically feel how food or a drink with a friend would usually be what I turned to when I needed to cope. It’s interesting to me because we read about this all the time and I’ve know and believed it for years. However, this is the first time I could FEEL it and it was the first time I had the strength to overcome it and face my emotions dead and staying strong.

This started as a personal 12-week challenge but I can tell this is not the case. I plan to keep the momentum always!

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X The Lab is now Kvell

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