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How Can We Best Serve You and Help You Achieve Your Goals?
Kvell Fitness and Nutrition is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive fitness environment where people of all fitness levels can participate and improve their resiliency, fitness, health, and wellbeing no matter their starting point. Gyms can be intimidating even for the fittest among us, and this prevents many people from achieving their optimal level of health, fitness, and wellbeing.

We offer a wide variety of fitness programs and transformation coaching to ensure that we help as many people as possible live a thriving and powerful life.

We create and offer programs for anybody who is ready and committed to improving the quality of their life through optimizing their health, fitness, mental fortitude, and resilience.

Here is a sampling of the programs we offer.

  • personal-trainingBoise personal training.


We offer personal training sessions in our Boise Kvell Facility in a way that increases results while decreasing the financial investment of the client. In other words, we provide the most effective personal training in Boise at the most economical rate. Every Boise personal training client receives a custom designed personal training program to ensure they achieve their fitness goals at the fastest and most effective rate. We meet our fitness clients where they currently are and ascend them to where they want to go. All of our Boise personal training programs begin with general physical preparedness (GPP) training. General physical preparedness training ensures that each Boise personal training client has a solid fitness base in place so that their risk of injury is reduced and their training is more impactful and effective. Once our personal training clients have a strong fitness base in place from sufficient general physical preparedness training, we will start to build strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, and athleticism specific to their goals. To learn more about our Boise Personal Training fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • TotalBodyTotal Body Training Group Exercise Classes.


Our Total Body Training group exercise classes provide our clients the most effective and efficient workout available anywhere. Each Total Body Training session is 45-minutes no fluff, no filler, all results training. This program has been adjusted, tweaked, and tested for over ten years by real people just like you. No program compares to the results in lean muscle gain, strength building, fat loss, and general fitness produced by our Total Body Training group exercise program. This is not just our opinion it is what we have heard from our clients countless times over the years. To learn more about our Total Body Training group exercise classes fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • High-PeformanceHigh-Peformance Academy


Our High-Performance Academies are designed to create breakthrough transformation of the mind, body, and soul. The High-Performance Academies are holistic intensive programs focusing on breaking through perceived limits to achieve a new normal and YOU 2.0. We go to work on all angles to optimize your results. We utilize training in the realms of psychology, physiology, personal development, habit science, nutrition, and emotional resilience to name a few. These programs are the most intensive personal growth and development programs our clients ever participate in. They are also where our clients have the most profound insights and transformations. To learn more about our High-Performance Academy fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • OnlineOnline and Distance Fitness Training


Our online and distance fitness training program are designed for people who are not able to make it to a Kvell Fitness facility on a regular basis. Our distance fitness training programs are used by elite athletes all the way down to people who have never worked out a day in their lives. We have programs specific for all fitness levels. We utilize the latest software and technology solutions as well as old school methods to deliver results producing programs no matter where on Earth you live. To learn more about our online and distance fitness training fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • NutritionNutrition Coaching


Nutrition is a cornerstone to any performance, weight loss, and health optimizing program. Without optimizing your nutrition you will struggle to achieve lasting appreciable results no matter your goal. Our nutrition programs vary from delivering done-for-you meal plans to multi-year intensive habit and lifestyle transformation programs. We offer virtual nutrition coaching, one-on-one nutrition coaching, group nutrition programs, and everything in-between. To learn more about our nutrition coaching fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • WellnessWellness, Health, and Performance Coaching


Coaching is one of the magic ingredients of the Kvell puzzle. GOOD coaching is one of the most powerful and valuable assets in the achievement of any goal. There is something about being accountable to a coach that drives us to excel. We offer group and one-on-one coaching for all areas of human performance include nutrition, fitness, and peak performance. We have coached CEOs, business owners, moms, and elite athletes to the achievement of their most ambitious goals. To learn more about our coaching services fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • FitnessTransformationFitness Transformation Challenges and Weight Loss Challenges


Challenges and contests are a cornerstone to starting fast and building motivation. Challenges and contests are fun, motivating, and a great way to build accountability, support, and community. We run our challenges and competitions different than most. At the root of everything we do is habit and lifestyle change for long-term sustainable results. Thus, our challenges are focuses on long-term lifestyle change, implementation, supporting others, and growth. To learn more about our Fitness Transformation Challenges and Weight Loss Challenges fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • youthsportsYouth Sports Performance Training


A strong foundation of conditioning, stability, mobility, and strength is necessary for the optimal development of athleticism. Our sports performance training is focusing on building a rock solid base first and foremost. Everything else is secondary to creating, shaping, building, and molding a concrete physical, emotional and psychological foundation when it comes to sports performance. Speed, endurance, power, and skill all improve with the improvement of the athletic foundation. Our sports performance programs create better all-around athletes. Thus, it doesn’t matter the sport our athlete’s performance skills and abilities improve, period. To learn more about our Youth Sports Performance Training fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • youthYouth Healthy Living Skills After School Programs


It is vital that children learn the skills of healthy living, goal achievement, and success early in life. We deliver powerful, impactful, and fun curriculum based after school programs to ensure children have these skills firmly in place. These programs are often the highlight of the children’s day. We absolutely love working with children. They are so excited to learn and be active. To learn more about our Youth After School programs and to get one set up at your child’s school fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.


  • CorporateCorporate Wellness and Corporate Fitness


Kvell Corporate Fitness helps businesses save money on health care costs, sick leave, and increases company productivity. A healthy workforce is more productive and costs less. We customize every program to fit the needs of each business we work with. Some of our companies use us to run ad-hoc fitness challenges others use us to run their on-site fitness facility and programming. To learn more about our corporate wellness and fitness programs fill out the above form and we will be happy to discuss how we can best help you.

We are always looking for new and old but forgotten methods and modalities to help people transform, upgrade, grow, and advance their potential. More importantly, we are always experimenting and researching new ways to ensure people fully realize and materialize the potential they have.

X The Lab is now Kvell

The Lab is now Kvell. Every day we have the opportunity to work with incredible clients across the country. In response to our growing commitment to providing world-class fitness and nutrition training, we have rebranded The Lab as Kvell to better communicate our passion and pride for our work.

Kvell (/k(ə)vel/): Verb – feel happy and proud.